__mul__ vs __rmul__ (and others) priority for different classes

Discussion in 'Python' started by dmitrey, Dec 11, 2009.

  1. dmitrey

    dmitrey Guest

    hi all,
    I have created a class MyClass and defined methods like __add__,
    __mul__, __pow__, __radd__, __rmul__ etc.
    Also, they are defined to work with numbers, Python lists and

    Both Python lists and numpy arrays have their own methods __add__,
    __mul__, __pow__, __radd__, __rmul__ etc.
    If I involve myPythonList * myClassInstance it returns just result of
    my __rmul__; but when I invoke nuumpy_arr*myClassInstance it returns
    another numpy array with elements [nuumpy_arr[0]*myClassInstance,
    nuumpy_arr[1]*myClassInstance, ...].

    Can I somehow prevent numpy array of using it __mul__ etc methods?
    (and use only my __rmul__, __radd__, etc instead)?

    Thank you in advance, D.
    dmitrey, Dec 11, 2009
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  2. dmitrey

    Terry Reedy Guest

    No. you have to put your class instance first to get priority.
    Given a op b, python first calls a.__op__(b) and only if that fails,
    which it will for most builtin objects when b is MyClass, b.__rop__(a).
    Numpy arrays, however, are more broadminded about what they will work with.

    If your operations are not commutative, you will either have to wrap
    numpy arrays in a class that disables the special methods or use
    explicit function calls.

    Terry Jan Reedy
    Terry Reedy, Dec 11, 2009
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