About my parallel libraries...




As you have seen my saying to you on this forum that the "quality" of
the learning process of the "what is" and "how to" is also a good tool
that enhance the safety of parallel systems and the safety of parallel
realtime critical systems and to enhance the performance, so i have
to tell you that i am a programmer who knows well "what is" and
"how to" avoid race conditions and deadlocks and starvation etc.
and i know how to minimize cache-coherence traffic in synchronization
algorithms etc. and i know well what is sequential consystency ,
this why you have to be confident with my parallel programs
and synhronization algorithms that i have invented.

And don't forget what i have just said to:

"I am convinced that the way to improve reliability and performance and
maintanability is not only a consequence of the quality of
a programming language but it is also a consequence of good quality

So be confident with my parallel libraries and synchronizatoin
algorithms cause they are stable and fast.

You can download my parallel libraries and synchronization algorithms from:


Thank you,
Amine Moulay Ramdane.


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