Composability and Concurreny and Functional programming

Discussion in 'C++' started by Ramine, Jun 13, 2014.

  1. Ramine

    Ramine Guest


    I have come to an interresting subject...

    I have offen read some comments about parallel programming
    and Object oriented programming and Functional programming,
    and i will bring my comments about them...

    You will read about parallel programming that it's hard/difficult ,
    cause parallel programming adds more layers to serial
    programming, in those added layers in parallel programming we have
    to think not only about serial programming algorithmic and such...
    but we have also to think about parallel correctness and parallel
    performance... and i have heared comments that says that proving
    parallel correctness is a difficult task in complex systems ,
    so you have to proove that your parallel program is free of
    deadlocks and free of race conditions and free of starvation etc.
    this is what is making parallel programming a difficult task,
    but as you have seen my saying to you on this forum that the "quality"
    of the learning process of the "what is" and "how to" is also a good
    tool that enhance the safety of parallel systems and the safety of
    parallel realtime critical systems and the performance, hence a good way
    of doing is also using external parallel libraries that are implemented
    by people who "knows" how to implement correctly synchronization
    algorithms and that knows how to implement correcly
    parallel programs, and i think that this way of doing is an effective
    way i think to avoid deadlock , race conditions etc. on he critera
    of performance that's the same i think you have to use external
    libraries that are done by people who know how to optimize
    parallel algorithms to be sure that that parallel libraries
    meet the requirement of good performance, so as you have seen me talking
    about Functional programming and Object oriented programming i have
    aslso said that Bartosz Milewski here: is
    trying to convert C++ people and programmers to Functional programming,
    but i have commented on
    the writings of Bartosz Milewski and said that his way of
    thinking is an extremist view/way... cause what he is trying to do
    is analyzing programming languages from the point views and criterias
    such as composability and easy of maintenance etc. and what
    Bartosz Milewski have said is that Functional programming such
    as Haskel permit a greater composability and do improve
    the criteria of maintainability and reliability etc.
    and what i have noticed that Bartosz Milewski is saying
    that Functional programming is something that we can not avoid
    hence it is like something mandatory, this is why i have said
    that it is an extremist point of view, cause i am convinced
    that the way to improve reliability and performance and
    maintanability is not only a consequence of the quality of
    a programming language but it is also a consequence
    of good quality reusability , so what i want to emphases
    in my post is that i am a fan of this criteria that we call
    reusability and i am convinced that to improve
    realiability and performce etc. we have to use good external
    libraries and good external objects and parallel objetcs wrote
    by people that know how to implement correct parallel programms
    and fast parallel programs, in my opinion that`s also a good way to
    improve parallel programming and programming in general.

    Thank you,
    Amine Moulay Ramdane.

    Ramine, Jun 13, 2014
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