access read / write violation with ctypes

Discussion in 'Python' started by DH, Aug 6, 2009.

  1. DH

    DH Guest

    Hi all,

    I'm quite new to cytpes and am having some troubles I was hoping I
    could get a little help with. Before I get into the details this is
    what I'm trying to accomplish - I would like to read a dng with python
    pass it through either libraw.dll or dcraw.dll (notes on dcraw.dll
    version at the end) for initial processing then to MagickWand for some
    light enhancement and final jpeg output. After I get these working I
    will see how I can add LittleCMS into the fray. I'm not doing
    something correctly but don't know what. I've read a lot of documents
    over the past couple days and though I've learned quite a lot I just
    can't get past this access violation error.

    I very grateful for anything that can be offered.



    I am currently working out MagickWand and dcraw separately but am
    having similar troubles with both resulting in either 'Windows Error:
    exception: access violation reading 0x00000000' or alternatively
    'Windows Error: ... writing'

    1 - MagickWand (read violation):

    I'm using popen to capture dcraw stdout and want to pass it to
    magickwand. If I instead write the dcraw output to a file then read it
    with magickwand I get the same error. But if I comment out the dcraw
    protion and read the dcraw output file from the previous attempt,
    MagickWand opens the file fine and I can manipulate it to my hearts
    content. The basics:

    proc = subprocess.Popen("dcraw -c -4 -T image.dng", shell=True,
    close_fds=False, stdout=subprocess.PIPE).communicate()[0]

    magickWandLib = 'C:\\Program Files (x86)\\ImageMagick-6.5.3-Q16\
    Magick = cdll.LoadLibrary(magickWandLib)

    wand = Magick.NewMagickWand()

    -> access violation reading

    2 - DCRaw (write violation):

    I've been bouncing between libraw.dll and dcraw.dll. The dcraw version
    I'm using is found at
    .. Libraw is limited in the sence that it is mainly suited to loading
    and unpacking raw images. Actual processing is done only in emulation
    mode which I have not yet been able to access throught the library.
    PerfectRaw uses a tweaked and librarised version of dcraw with thier
    GUI + some enhanced functions. I'm only interesed in the dll though

    2.1 - libraw.dll

    I won't go into great detail as I can get it to work but only open,
    unpack and write out a tiff or ppm. No process settings

    2.2 - dcraw.dll

    I can load the library but cannot initialise an instance. Each attempt
    in a variety or methods always returns an 'access violation writing
    0x00000000'. The parameters I use to initialise are taken from a test
    program provided by the authors.

    test app:
    int w,h;
    printf("Resultado de leer el RAW: %i\n",DCRAW_Init("c:\\test\

    dcraw_lib = 'C:\\programs\\PerfectRaw\\dcraw.dll'
    dcraw = ctypes.cdll.LoadLibrary(dcraw_lib)

    img = 'C:\\programs\\PerfectRaw\\image.dng'
    dcraw.DCRAW_Init(img,4000,3000) # canon G9 converted to dng
    -> access violation writing
    DH, Aug 6, 2009
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  2. DH

    Dave Angel Guest

    Just a quick guess, based only on this paragraph. But I'd guess the
    dcraw output file is buffered, and is not fully written when you're
    trying to read it back.

    You could do some checking by comparing sizes, when you get it from the
    pipe, and when you see it finally written in the directory.

    Dave Angel, Aug 6, 2009
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