Add a new record in GridView



I experimented inserting new rows in a table using a GridView (show footers,
make all columns and commands into templatefields, add textboxes to the
footer template of each column, add an Insert link in the footer, add a
onInserting eventhandler…).

Now, in case of an empty datasource I can't find the way to insert the first
record. I tried to put textboxes in the EmptyDataTemplate but I found a lot
of problems in getting user's input.

The logic I'm trying to implement is:
A first gridview displays rows from a first SQL table. Selecting a row from
the first gridview, the second gridview shows related record from a second
If there are no related records, how can I programmatically let the user
insert the first row?

Many Thanks.

Walter Wang [MSFT]

Hi Bruno,

What exactly problems are you getting when using EmptyDataTemplate?

You may take a look at for a
working example on how to use this feature.

Please tell me what do you think of this solution, I would be glad to
continue work with you if you need anything else.

Walter Wang ([email protected], remove 'online.')
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Hi Walter,
from the working example you gave me, what is the VB.NET equivalent of
GridView1.Controls[0].Controls[0].GetType().Name or

The problem I found in using EmptyDataTemplate is how to access labels and
textboxes in that section, like I do in FooterRowTemplate.
Thank you.

Walter Wang [MSFT]

Hi Bruno,

Just use GridView1.Controls(0).Controls(0). Following is the complete code
listing of VB.NET equivalent of the example:

Imports System.Data

Partial Class Default3
Inherits System.Web.UI.Page

Protected Sub Page_Load(ByVal sender As Object, ByVal e As
System.EventArgs) Handles Me.Load
If Not IsPostBack Then
Dim dt As New DataTable
Dim dc As New DataColumn("Name")
Dim dr As DataRow = dt.NewRow()
dr("Name") = "Ivan"

GridView1.DataSource = dt
End If

Label1.Text += GridView1.Controls(0).Controls(0).GetType().Name +
"<br />"
End Sub

Sub RecurseControls(ByVal ctls As ControlCollection)
For Each ctl As Control In ctls
If Not ctl.HasControls() Then
Label1.Text += ctl.ClientID + " " + ctl.GetType().Name +
"<br />"
End If
End Sub

Protected Sub GridView1_RowCommand1(ByVal sender As Object, ByVal e As
System.Web.UI.WebControls.GridViewCommandEventArgs) Handles
If e.CommandName = "EmptyInsert" Then
Dim tbEmptyInsert As TextBox =
Label1.Text = String.Format("You would have inserted the name:
<b>{0}</b> from the emptydatatemplate", tbEmptyInsert.Text)
End If
If e.CommandName = "Insert" Then
Dim tbInsert As TextBox =
Label1.Text = String.Format("You would have inserted the name:
<b>{0}</b> from the footerrow", tbInsert.Text)
End If
End Sub
End Class

I hope this helps. Please feel free to post here if anything is unclear.

Walter Wang ([email protected], remove 'online.')
Microsoft Online Community Support

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I don't know way I found problems the first time I used
GridView1.Controls(0).Controls(0) as you suggested me. it's my fault.
Your sample helped me.
Thank you Walter.

Prabakar Samiyappan

If there is no row matched Add a Empty row to the second table dataset and
bind the dataset to Datagrid now the new blank row will be added ..

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