ANN: heavy updates to inca, apl calculator in (overly-)terse C

Discussion in 'C Programming' started by luser droog, May 4, 2014.

  1. luser droog

    luser droog Guest

    The inca interpreter has incorporated strange new features
    in the area of programmability and accessibility.
    It is available in an online version compiled to javascript
    courtesy of Thomas Baruchel
    as well as the master repo

    Essentially, the change over the previous announcement is
    the new "command-string" type, and special-syntax functions
    to make more use of it.

    The new colon special monadic function consumes the remaining
    subexpression's code representation in an array. Thus


    Sets f to the function x+y. f may be called as a procedure,
    where x and y refer to global variables with the semicolon
    (execute operator)


    Or, it may be called functionally, where x and y refer to
    local arguments with the double-quote function.


    Or, a monadic function, using only the y argument may be
    called with the single-quote function.


    The quote and double-quote functions also accept (as special
    syntax) a parenthesized expression in place of the variable
    (or other expression yielding the command-string-type array).
    This expression may use x and y as arguments as with a
    "named" function.


    And this presents enough to define recursive functions,
    like Fibonacci:


    Where the brace { is the "from" function, or [index]array,
    and here the index is a Boolean zero or one which indexes
    two expressions, :1 and :('fy-1)+'fy-2. These are boxed
    with angle-bracket < so they can be combined into a
    single array with semicolon ; to be selected from.

    The interpreter also defines the variable a to contain
    a boxed-array of command-string arrays which represent
    the argv strings passed to the program, allowing inca
    to access external data files via shell `cat ...` expansion.

    The C code is getting pretty gawdoffal, but the language
    itself is proving to be lots of fun to play with. YMMV.
    luser droog, May 4, 2014
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