[ANN] JRuby 1.1RC3 Announced


Thomas Enebo

The JRuby community is pleased to announce the release of JRuby 1.1 RC 3

Homepage: http://www.jruby.org/
Download: http://dist.codehaus.org/jruby/

JRuby 1.1RC3 is the third and final(?) release candidate of JRuby 1.1.
JRuby 1.1 represents a concerted focus on speed and refinement. Ruby code
can completely compile in an Ahead Of Time (AOT) or Just In Time (JIT)
yielding a faster Ruby! It also uses less memory than our previous

We need people to download JRuby 1.1RC3 and give us feedback. Only uncovered
severe issues (common library crashing, memory leak) will hold us from
promoting this as JRuby 1.1 final. Please try your applications out and
all issues you encounter.

- 58 issues resolved since JRuby 1.1RC2
- ri/rdoc w/ documentation included in distribution
- More IO corner cases fixed (popen, reopen)
- Several small bottlenecks fixed

We want to thank all the people who gave us feedback this last release
We ended up resolving a tremendous number of issues in a short period of

Issues fixed since 1.1RC2:
JRUBY-884 Create and consolidate extension and non-standard options
JRUBY-1104 Our system implementation shouldn't run everything with
Ruby in the name with JRuby
JRUBY-1143 rails executable was inapproprite permissions
JRUBY-1173 FindBugs issues
JRUBY-1199 STI should fall back to normal invocation when visibility
JRUBY-1259 Method access is not threadsafe
JRUBY-1260 'loop' reports wrong line for position
JRUBY-1267 Java 1.5.0_12 causes "yield called out of block" error
during ant test on Windows and Linux
JRUBY-1352 ActiveRecord::ConnectionAdapters::JdbcConnection#columns
returns empty array on MS SqlServer
JRUBY-1442 ZenTest (autotest) fails to run
JRUBY-1527 Tempfile fails to clean up because of lack of finalizer
JRUBY-1546 Rails fails to run when using +C. jruby.jit.threshold=0
works fine.
JRUBY-1557 Using backquotes to run commands with shell redirects
sometimes passes the redirects to the called program
JRUBY-1604 Rubinius Hash specs conflict with 1.9 iteration behavior
JRUBY-1609 Thread.abort_on_exception is broken on windows
JRUBY-1629 retry out of the method leads to endless loop consuming a
lot of CPU resources
JRUBY-1739 gem update --system fails - need gem version 0.9.5 for
rails 2.0.2
JRUBY-1799 Thread pool should have configurable min/max
JRUBY-1888 Multiple tests in JRuby OpenSSL suite are not running
during test runs
JRUBY-1916 Rake file prints error after running task
JRUBY-1951 -s flag not supported
JRUBY-1958 Update OS_NAMES in RbConfigLibrary with additional
mappings for other likely host OSes
JRUBY-1961 Stop paying any attention to a pre-existing JRUBY_HOME
JRUBY-1975 bin files with - (minus) in the name trip up the -S command
JRUBY-2035 Op assignment much slower than MRI
JRUBY-2072 IO#stat on non-file objects breaks JRuby hard
JRUBY-2078 $stdin.dup doesn't work
JRUBY-2125 silence_stderr fails trying to create /dev/null
JRUBY-2129 UNIXServer.open fails in JRuby
JRUBY-2130 instance_eval not treated specially by ASTInspector,
leads to bad eval framing and scoping
JRUBY-2142 improved retroweaver support for jdk 1.4
JRUBY-2150 Cannot open nor stat non-ASCII file names
JRUBY-2154 jruby script/console in RoR randomly stops taking in
characters when typing
JRUBY-2156 Weird behavior of rails console
JRUBY-2159 dev/null file handled incorrectly in many cases
JRUBY-2164 WEBrick on Linux randomly gets empty content-length for POST
JRUBY-2166 Regression: jirb on windows doesn't provide history anymore
JRUBY-2177 attr assign as in array[1,2] = 3 is much slower than MRI
JRUBY-2193 Numeric bignum + float and float + bignum performance
very slow
JRUBY-2194 Bignum performance in rubinius's bm_bignum way slower
than it should be
JRUBY-2195 Coercing Fixnum and Float to Bignum is really slow
JRUBY-2206 "Bad file descriptor" error when running jruby and rails
+ JA-SIG CAS ruby package
JRUBY-2216 Running AOT compiled Scripts in a Jar get a Class Not
Found Exception.
JRUBY-2217 Regression: Can't stop mongrel running rails by Control-C
JRUBY-2218 Visibility problem introduced in r6078
JRUBY-2231 TCPServer.new (and possibly other servers) should coerce
port to string and do equivalent of getservbyname to get the port number
JRUBY-2237 define_method call in rcov causes RuntimeException
JRUBY-2241 Comipled Codewith a require can not find the spcified
files in the jar
JRUBY-2246 Compiler fails to compile 500+ line script
JRUBY-2255 IO reopen problem when running RI
JRUBY-2257 Marshal.dump and load don't treat ints the same
JRUBY-2258 r6160 Tempfile implemenation breaks default Ruby 1.8.6
JRUBY-2259 can't convert nil into Fixnum in CSV
JRUBY-2266 Reflection based execution is broken
JRUBY-2273 NPE when attempting to set Java primitive field to nil
JRUBY-2274 File.lchmod causes UnsatisfiedLinkError on unsupported
JRUBY-2277 Module#alias_method raises exception in some cases when
java support has already been loaded
JRUBY-2284 Distribute rdocs in our distribution

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