[ANN] JRuby 1.6.0.RC2 released


Thomas E Enebo

The JRuby community is pleased to announce the release of JRuby 1.6.0.RC2.

- Homepage: http://www.jruby.org/
- Download: http://www.jruby.org/download

JRuby 1.6.0.RC2 is the second release candidate of JRuby 1.6.0.

JRuby 1.6.0 is the largest release of JRuby to date. This release
fixes hundreds of user issues and brings compatibility with Ruby 1.9.2
to a very high level. We have made Windows a primary supported
platform by adding it as a continuous integration platform, and JRuby
1.6 will provide Windows-based Ruby users with the best experience
yet. This release integrates experimental support for C extensions
based on Ruby's C API. And as with all major releases, we have
improved stability and performance across the board in response to
real-world user input.

We encourage Ruby and JRuby users alike to test out 1.6.0.RC2 to help
us shake out remaining issues. It would be especially helpful if users
would test out 1.9 mode (by passing --1.9 flag) to help us round out
our 1.9.2 compatibility before the final 1.6.0 release.

Notable changes since 1.6.0.RC1:

- Large number of 1.9 compatibility issues addressed
- Encoding issues (especially involving Regexp)
- Fiddle implementation
- non-ASCII identifiers
- irb (1.8.7, 1.9.2) and command prompt added to Windows installer
- Compiler handles all 1.9 syntax now
- Fixes for new backtrace accuracy, reliability
- Removed all GPL or LGPL-only dependencies
- Updated to RubyGems 1.5.0
- C extension support prebuilt for OS X, Linux (32/64), Windows (32)
- 83 issues resolved since RC1

Major Features:

- Ruby 1.9.2 language and API compatibility

- Not implemented Encoding::Converter, ripper
- Improved Ruby call performance
- Built-in profiler (--profile, --profile.graph)
- RubyGems 1.4.2
- RSpec no longer bundled
- C Extension support (experimental)
- RubyGems Maven support (preview)
- Improved compatibility and user experience on Windows
- jruby-complete.jar now includes 1.9 standard library
- Embedding API refinements
- Over 2000 commits and 265 issues resolved.

Issues fixed since 1.6.0.RC1

- JRUBY-5382 Timeout is firing late under load
- JRUBY-4764 Leaking fileno to ChannelDescriptor mappings in
- JRUBY-5345 require 'ffi' breaks in windows jar when the path to the
jar contains spaces/special chars
- JRUBY-5229 Interpreter is slower for microbenchmarks after "backtrace" me=
- JRUBY-5354 undefined method 'map' for {}:Java::JavaUtil::HashMap
- JRUBY-5341 1.9 Rescuing a specific error throws up a Java Exception
when $DEBUG is true
- JRUBY-3331 to_f near Float::MAX
- JRUBY-5460 ant test-1.9 doesn't run any test at all
- JRUBY-5353 new map proxy's inspect method doesn't work when Map
object is created in Ruby
- JRUBY-2564 File.open interprets '/dir' as './dir' on Windows
- JRUBY-5347 Float#round(int) isn't implemented in 1.9 mode
- JRUBY-5358 Arg-passing or splatting error in jitted execution
- JRUBY-5365 java.util.HashMap.new.kind_of? java.util.Map returns false
- JRUBY-5372 Failures in 1.9 test/ruby/test_alias
- JRUBY-4878 Can't run ruby file with utf-8 characters
- JRUBY-5377 Class.__subclasses__ incompatible with Rails
- JRUBY-4816 Very simple bug with character replacing
- JRUBY-5368 Star and unnamed restarg treated differently in 1.9 mode
- JRUBY-5342 Add Scala-specific JI logic
- JRUBY-5387 Unable to run Rails tests since we use Psych as default yaml l=
- JRUBY-5315 Time constructors don't support fractional seconds
- JRUBY-4580 unable to run jirb in --fast
- JRUBY-4178 gzip oddity
- JRUBY-5395 camelCase to snake_case conversion regression
- JRUBY-4904 Aliased method fails equality test
- JRUBY-4871 1.9 Attempt to invoke any method on Delegator leads to
- JRUBY-3434 Ruby 1.9 mode should guess system encoding if not specified
- JRUBY-5399 1.9: Dir#\[\] doesn't convert Pathname args to String
- JRUBY-5219 Problem w/ JRuby, Warbler & Weblogic 10
- JRUBY-4722 ant bails with unrecognized -d32 option on OS X on some
architecture/os-version/java-version combinations
- JRUBY-4946 Having an attribute named timeout breaks factory_girl under jr=
- JRUBY-5366 jruby 1.6 RC1 ruby 1.9: org.jruby.RubyBasicObject cannot
be cast to org.jruby.RubyObject
- JRUBY-5417 Nil backtrace when overriding method_missing and calling super
- JRUBY-5326 1.9: Java error in Psych when running "gem build" command
- JRUBY-5412 Strange each_slice/with_index combo exception
- JRUBY-5016 1.9: SyntaxError when a block var shadows local var
- JRUBY-5356 --profile.graph sometimes shows wrong methods
- JRUBY-5363 Kernel#caller behavior is different for files with .rbw extens=
- JRUBY-5261 RSpec >=3D 2.2 around hooks trigger runtime NPE
- JRUBY-5406 1.9: String#encode does not support "locale" as an encoding
- JRUBY-5418 Getting NativeException:
org.jruby.RubyContinuation$Continuation: null with RSpec 2 and
- JRUBY-5346 jruby 1.6.0.RC1 doesn't recognize multibyte strings in 1.9 bra=
- JRUBY-5389 IO.popen doesn't support Array of String's arg in 1.9 mode
- JRUBY-5433 Process.abort should only accept string arguments
- JRUBY-5431 Kernel#exit! without arg causes wrong process exit code
- JRUBY-5236 test/org/jruby/util/shell_launcher_test is not getting +x
set in src dist
- JRUBY-5394 1.9: Array#join using to_a instead of to_s when both defined
- JRUBY-5436 File.open mode doesn't accept "r:ENC:-"
- JRUBY-5407 add_method_signature causes a VerifyError if used for
more than return type.
- JRUBY-5364 become_java! / RubyClass.reify regression
- JRUBY-5429 jruby-complete.jar relocates org.objectweb.asm, but
jruby.jar does not
- JRUBY-5143 Encoding of ByteList is not set
- JRUBY-5444 IOJavaAddons.AnyIO pollutes Object unnecessarily
- JRUBY-5450 Marshal.load and Marshal.dump not implemented?
- JRUBY-5355 1.9: defined? does not yet compile, is used by RubyGems
- JRUBY-4749 require 'rbconfig' fails on GAE because of NullPointerExceptio=
- JRUBY-4849 Provide or update links to source/project, attribution,
and license info for *all* libraries ship with JRuby
- JRUBY-5203 included Module is not picked up by runtime
- JRUBY-4907 popen4 reports wrong PID on Windows
- JRUBY-5343 ScriptingContainer throws LoadError when there are spaces
in the classpath (Ruby 1.9 mode only)
- JRUBY-5367 Rake/Gem::packageTask fails with the rubygems 1.4
upgrade, when using java platform
- JRUBY-5410 JRuby needs to provide a dist free of GPLed libraries,
for GPL-sensitive consumers like Apache
- JRUBY-5388 Requiring a filename with accented characters fails
- JRUBY-5376 singleton_class.define_method creates private methods
- JRUBY-5378 Memory Leak With JRuby/Tomcat
- JRUBY-5413 Bundled version of Rubygems (1.4.2) fails when behind a proxy
- JRUBY-5281 jruby-complete jar not working from directory with spaces
- JRUBY-5213 --profile needs to dump even on ^C, other means of
getting info, multi-thread
- JRUBY-5453 NullPointerException in ScriptingContainer.setCurrentDirectory=
- JRUBY-4910 jruby.exe + multibyte-character is broken
- JRUBY-5448 Maven gem support should report and abort when using <mvn3
- JRUBY-5336 jruby --1.9 Object#id should raise NoMethodError
- JRUBY-5391 MongoMapper's usage of defined? is handled incorrectly
- JRUBY-4488 Joni matches \[^\w\] incorrectly, and differently to MRI/187
- JRUBY-5340 Non-greedy item can cause Regexp to get stuck
- JRUBY-4951 1.9: Thread#backtrace should apply to the thread in question
- JRUBY-5108 Regex incompatibility between MRI and JRuby
- JRUBY-4768 'jruby -X' should be more friendly
- JRUBY-5398 Generated Javadoc for ScriptingContainer cuts off in the middl=
- JRUBY-5430 RubyHash view objects should be static
- JRUBY-5334 Abbrev.abbrev with multi-byte strings returns another result
- JRUBY-5445 JRuby cannot parse a magic comment like #-*- mode: ruby; -*-
- JRUBY-4949 Make ARGV via embedding work same as it does when running
jruby itself
- JRUBY-4271 interfaces on reified classes patch was incomplete and
broke instances being passed to java code.

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