[ANN] Mack 0.5.5 Released


Mark Bates

Mack 0.5.5 has been released. With a new rendering engine there is now
support for Markaby and Haml.


* INCOMPATIBILITY NOTICE: Ripped apart the ENTIRE rendering engine and
rewrote it from the ground up. This means that wherever you are using
'render' calls in your views and controllers need to be changed. The new
format is render(type, value, options). Examples: render:)action,
:show), render:)url, "http://www.mackframework.com"), etc...
* INCOMPATIBILITY NOTICE: Files named *.xml.erb need to be changed to
*.xml.builder to use the Builder::XmlMarkup library. If you leave the
erb extension on there the file will be run through Erubis.
* INCOMPATIBILITY NOTICE: <%= @content_for_layout %> is now <%= yield_to
:view %>
* Added Markaby support.
* Added Haml support.
* Added content_for and yield_to methods in views.
* Erubis compiled templates are now cached for increased performance.
* Added render:)inline) and render:)template) support.
* Refactored, and reorganized some files to clean up the gem.
* Fixed bug with cookies not merging with configured app_config
* Added mime-types. The 'Content-Type' header is now being set based on
the format that is requested. Default is text/html.
* Fixed r.defaults in routes so they are always the last routes to be
checked, no matter where they are placed in the routes definitions.
* render:)url) now recognizes 'local' urls and tries to run them through
the app, mimicking most headers from the original request.
* Added 'options' banners to the mack and mack_ring_server binaries.
* gem: genosaurus 1.1.8
* gem: mack_ruby_core_extensions 0.1.28
* gem: markaby 0.5.0
* gem: mack-data_mapper 0.5.5


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