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Discussion in 'Python' started by limodou, Jan 17, 2006.

  1. limodou

    limodou Guest

    What's it?

    It's an Editor based on wxPython. NewEdit uses Mixin and Plugin
    technique as its architecture. Most of its classes can be extended via
    mixin and plugin components, and finally become an integrity class at
    creating the instance. So NewEdit is very dynamic. You can write the
    new features in new files, and hardly need to modify the existing
    code. And if you want to extend the existing classes, you could write
    mixins and plugins, and this will be bound to the target class that I
    call "Slot Class". This technique will make the changes centralized
    and easily managed.

    What are its features?

    * Cross platform
    o based on wxPython, so it can run anywhere that wxPython
    works, such as: Windows, Linux.
    o Unicode support.
    * Most features of wxStyledTextCtrl(Scintilla)
    o Syntax highlighting, support Python, c/c++, html, plain
    text, perl, ruby, css, javascript
    o Folding
    o Brace Matching
    o ...
    * Extended selection
    o Extended word selection -- You can press
    Ctrl+?MouseDoubleClick to select a word including '.'
    o Matched selection -- Select text in quoted chars like:
    (), [], {}, '', "".
    * Other editing extension
    o Duplicating text -- Just like Vim Ctrl+V, Ctrl+P, and
    more. You can duplicate above or below char, word, line
    o Quoting text -- Add some quoted chars before and after
    selected text, just as: "", '', (), [], {}, and
    o Text convertion and view -- python -> html, reStructured
    Text -> html, textile -> html, and you can output or view
    o Utf-8 encoding auto detect
    o Changing document encoding
    o Auto backup
    o Last session support -- It'll save all the filenames as
    closed, and reopen the files as next started.
    o Smart judge the indent char -- It'll auto guess the
    indent char, and sets it.
    o Finding in files
    o Bookmark support
    * Python support
    o built-in python interactive window based on ?PyShell,
    support Unicode
    o Auto completion
    o Function syntax calltips
    o Run, run with argument, stop python source
    o Auto change current path
    o Python class browser
    * Code snippets
    o You can manage your code snippets with categories, and
    each category can have many items. Every item will represent a code
    snippet. You can insert an item just by double-clicking on it. It even
    supports importing and exporting.
    * Simple project support
    o Can create a special file _project, so every file and
    folder under the folder which has the _project can be considered as a
    whole project.
    * Extension mechanism
    o Script -- You can write easy script to manipulate the all
    resource of NewEdit, just like: text conversion, etc.
    o Plugin -- Customized function. More complex but more
    powerful. Can easily merge with NewEdit, and can be managed via menu.
    o Shell command -- Add often used shell commands, and execute them.
    * Ftp support
    o You can edit remote files through ftp. You can add,
    rename, delete, upload, download file/directory.
    * Multilanguage support
    o Currently supports two languages: English and Chinese,
    which can be auto-detected.
    * Shipped plugins(must be configed as used them before)
    o Document links -- Python documentation and wxPython documentation.
    o Many plugins can be found at NewEdit wiki page.
    * Shipped scripts
    o Many scripts can be found at NewEdit wiki page.
    * Wizard (New)
    o You can make your own wizard template. The wizard can
    input user data, combine with template, and output the result. And
    wizard also support code framework created. This feature will help you
    improving coding efficiency.
    * Direcotry Browser(New)
    o Browse multiple directories, and you can really add,
    delete, rename directories and files. Double click will open the file
    in Editor window.
    * AutoComPlete(acp)(New)
    o Suport user autocomplete file, it can help to input code
    very helpful and functional. Just like EditPlus, but may be more

    Where to download it?

    download lastest version 3.2:
    also have windows installer:

    If you have any problem as using NewEdit, welcome to join the NewEdit
    maillist to discuss.

    Hope fun!
    limodou, Jan 17, 2006
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