[ANN] Nov19 Webinar 10AM/PAC "Adopting #DITA to Reduce Costs &

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DATE CHANGE Nov19 Webinar 10AM/PAC "Adopting #DITA to Reduce Costs & Increase Productivity" http://adobe.ly/SZwKrq JoAnn Hackos

Adopting DITA to Reduce Costs and Increase Productivity--Backing up your Claims

Dr. JoAnn Hackos reports on the results of the 2012 CIDM (Center for Information-Development Management) business survey. The survey asks manager whatpredictions they included in their business cases for DITA adoption, whether those predictions were accurate, and whether they have continued to experience reduced costs and increased productivity. The results of the 2012 survey are compared with the results of the 2010 survey. Dr. Hackos presents several case studies that provide examples of cost reduction and productivity increases experienced by CIDM members.

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