Sharepoint ECM Allows Organizations To Easily Control

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  1. SharePoint ECM enables organized management of information and makes
    it easy to find, share, and use that data within the SharePoint
    development system. A SharePoint ECM development includes features
    like content management, social competencies, and powerful search
    making it easy to manage and use. The administration is simple to
    understand and the SharePoint developer can avoid dealing with the
    complexities of the backend by choosing to use the simple interface of
    Microsoft Office.

    Understanding ECM

    In the layman terms, SharePoint ECM allows organizations to easily
    control and manage both the structured and unstructured data. Through
    one comprehensive platform, organizations are able to streamline all
    their processes and remove bottlenecks thereby enhancing the overall
    levels of productivity. Organizations can outsource SharePoint
    development thereby giving them the option to focus on their core
    business practices and yet gaining maximum out of this comprehensive

    Benefits of SharePoint ECM

    SharePoint ECM development works closely with Microsoft Office and
    thus provides a familiar user experience
    SharePoint ECM development makes it easy to display and tag
    content, showcase records and ensure application of legal holds.
    SharePoint ECM development manages the documents, records, Web
    content, and rich media on a single platform leading to a reduction in
    IT costs

    Features of SharePoint ECM

    User-centric content management

    SharePoint ECM provides users with a platform and solutions to
    develop, manage, and use documents with the familiar Office client
    apps as well as offshore SharePoint development. It relies more on
    user adoption rather than on just technology, since users that will
    integrate ECM system into their work process should see it as a
    complementary tool in their daily work.

    Balance between flexibility and control

    SharePoint ECM provides document-level control. The administrator can
    set access limits, set archiving procedures, set retention times
    frames, set deletion schedules, place legal holds, manage taxonomies,
    etc. This allows for a versatile control of data without undue
    restriction on the users who need to access the information.

    Reduce costs and consolidate systems

    SharePoint ECM development provides comprehensive, integrated content
    management with a broad set of offerings and cost-effective
    integration across ECM workloads. This leads to improved reporting and
    analytics and greater management insight.

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    aegis software, Jan 23, 2012
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