[ANN] RubyGems 1.7.0


Eric Hodel

rubygems-update version 1.7.0 has been released!

* http://rubygems.org
* http://docs.rubygems.org
* http://help.rubygems.org
* http://github.com/rubygems
* http://rubyforge.org/projects/rubygems

RubyGems is a package management framework for Ruby.

This gem is an update for the RubyGems software. You must have an
installation of RubyGems before this update can be applied.

See Gem for information on RubyGems (or `ri Gem`)

To upgrade to the latest RubyGems, run:

$ gem update --system # you might need to be an administrator or root

See UPGRADING.rdoc for more details and alternative instructions.


=3D=3D=3D Support Requests

Are you unsure of how to use RubyGems? Do you think you've found a bug =
you're not sure? If that is the case, the best place for you is to file =
support request at {help.rubygems.org}[http://help.rubygems.org].

=3D=3D=3D Filing Tickets

You're sure you've found a bug! But where do you let us know? The best =
for letting the RubyGems team know about bugs you've found is {on the =
tracker at rubyforge}[http://rubyforge.org/tracker/?group_id=3D126].

=3D=3D=3D Bundler Compatibility

See http://gembundler.com/compatibility for known issues.


If you don't have RubyGems installed, your can still do it manually:

* Download from: https://rubygems.org/pages/download
* Unpack into a directory and cd there
* Install with: ruby setup.rb # you may need admin/root privilege

For more details and other options, see:

ruby setup.rb --help

=3D=3D=3D 1.7.0 / 2011-03-32

* 16 Deprecations (woot!)
* Deprecated Gem.all_load_paths, latest_load_paths, promote_load_path, =
* Deprecated RemoteFetcher#open_uri_or_path.
* Deprecated SourceIndex#all_gems.
* Deprecated SourceIndex#initialize(hash_of_specs).
* Deprecated SourceIndex.from_installed_gems, from_gems_in, and
* Deprecated Specification#has_rdoc, default_executable, and
* Deprecated Specification#has_rdoc=3D and default_executable=3D

* 26 minor enhancements:
* Added stupid simple deprecation module.
* Added --spec option to `gem unpack` to output a gem's original =
* Added packaging option to Specification#validate
* Gem.bin_path requires the exec_name argument.
* Read from cached specs if fetch fails for some reason
* Refactored Specification#assign_defaults into #initialize.
* RemoteFetcher#fetch_path now dispatches dynamically to =
* Removed Specification @@gather.
* Removed Specification.attribute.
* Removed Specification.attribute_alias_singular.
* Removed Specification.attribute_defaults.
* Removed Specification.attributes
* Removed Specification.overwrite_accessor.
* Removed Specification.read_only.
* Removed Specification.required_attribute.
* Removed Specification::SPECIFICATION_VERSION_HISTORY and turned into =
* Removed blanket rescue in default_executable. Hope it doesn't blow =
up! :p
* Removed nearly all metaprogramming from Specification. Yay for
* SourceIndex#initialize changed to prefer an array of spec dirs, =
to none.
* SourceIndex.new is now the preferred way to create SourceIndex =
* Specification#validate now checks that array attribs are indeed =
* Specification.default_value is now an instance method.
* Switched Specification::TODAY to be proper midnight @ UTC
* Update Gem::RemoteFetcher\'s User-Agent to handle RUBY_ENGINE and
RUBY_REVISION when patchlevel is -1
* UpdateCommand#gems_to_update now returns (name, version) pairs.
* UpdateCommand#which_to_update now takes an optional system argument.

* 11 bug fixes:
* Added missing remote fetcher require to pristine command (aarnell)
* Building gems now checks to ensure all required fields are non-nil
* Fix option parser when summary is nil.
* Fixed `gem contents` to work with the lightweight specifications
* Fixed `gem update --system x.y.z` where x.y.z =3D=3D latest version. =
* Fixed gem contents sorting and tests. (MGPalmer)
* Fixed intermittant problem in `gem fetch` with --platform specified =
* Fixed lightweight specifications so `gem rdoc` will generate proper
* MockGemUI#terminate_interaction should not raise =
* RubyGems now raises a better error for broken .gem files. Bug =
#29067 by
Elias Baixas
* `gem update` now uniq's command line arguments.


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