[ANN] Spectrum further enriches Eclpse IDE user experience with its latest SpectrumSCM 2.1.2 release

Discussion in 'Java' started by Sudarshan Raghavan, Feb 8, 2005.


    SpectrumSCM Further Enriches Eclipse IDE User Experience
    -- SpectrumSCM adds new features unmatched by any other SCM vendors to
    enhance productivity with its latest SpectrumSCM 2.1.2 Release

    Atlanta - February 7th, 2005: Atlanta-based Spectrum Software, Inc., a
    systems designer and developer of software productivity tools, announced
    today the immediate availability of significant new features to its Eclipse
    3.0 and Eclipse 2.1 plugin for SpectrumSCM, its enterprise Source
    Configuration Management tool, with the latest version SpectrumSCM 2.1.2.
    Eclipse is an award-winning universal platform for tools integration,
    software modeling and testing that has been broadly adopted by commercial
    vendors, academic institutions and open technology developers.

    SpectrumSCM is the first truly integrated, platform independent,
    full-featured (Version Control, Issue Tracking, Change Management, Process
    Management/Control, Workflow, Release Management, Parallel Development)
    source configuration management system in the market place that provides
    full CM functionality. SpectrumSCM is a flexible, process based system that
    can be used to manage the entire project lifecycle. SpectrumSCM provides
    comprehensive source configuration management for any 'e-Asset' from
    origination through delivery, maintenance, and support.

    These new features will provide significant flexibility to developers using
    the Eclipse IDE to undertake parallel development, handle branching issues,
    change management and manage/track/audit tasks associated with these changes
    much more efficiently, directly from within their Eclipse environment. "We
    believe we are the first SCM vendor to provide such a depth and breadth of
    advanced SCM features without developer having to leave their Eclipse
    environment." said Adrian Raybould, Director of Software Development at
    Spectrum Software.

    "Many of these features were feature requests from our current Eclipse
    customers. Continuing with our trend, in this release we are pleased to have
    included many such requests to the delight of our customers. Once again we
    have demonstrated a solid example of the ownership we have created amongst
    our users with their investment in SpectrumSCM, their chosen CM tool." said
    Sarathi Srinivasan, President and CEO, Spectrum Software Inc.

    "This is yet another reflection of our continued commitment to enrich the
    experience of an Eclipse user, when they use SpectrumSCM as their enterprise
    SCM tool." added Adrian.

    The following features are all available directly from within the Eclipse
    IDE and some of them are unique only to SpectrumSCM:

    Seamless integration between issue management and version control
    Ability to create and self assign tasks from within Eclipse
    Tight association between issues and changes to project level assets
    Enhanced reporting for CRs, ability to define custom report viewers and add
    notes to CRs
    Ability to progress CRs or assign CRs to another user (based on permissions)
    Seamless integration with the process management and roles/permission model
    supported by SpectrumSCM
    Enhanced support for advanced branching and parallel development techniques
    in SpectrumSCM
    Support for both pessimistic file locking and concurrent file editing for
    both ASCII and binary files
    Automatic detection of files that have been checked out concurrently and
    enhanced merge support for concurrent checkouts
    Support for common and uncommon checkout, which allow the user to propagate
    changes across several branches or isolate the changes to a branch
    Integration with SpectrumSCM Proxy, which offers a solution for distributed
    development in bandwidth constrained environments
    Support for user specific local root directory (workspace), which allows
    users to checkin and checkout projects as a unit and files directly under a
    New synchronization feature, which allows users to quickly determine files
    that are out of Sync with the repository
    Other enhancements including sorting of files and CRs in views, support for
    ignored resources and ability to open repository files without an extract to
    the workspace.


    SpectrumSCM, and the Eclipse plug-in (no additional cost) is available
    directly from Spectrum Software, Inc. For pricing, demos and sales
    information, please contact Spectrum sales representative (email:
    ) at 770-448-8662 (North America).

    About Spectrum

    Spectrum Software is a decade plus-old, proven software systems design and
    services firm providing cost-effective, efficient and quality software
    products and services to large and small businesses. Spectrum Software has
    three divisions: Software Services, which focuses on outsourcing and leading
    software development projects for clients; Spectrum Multimedia, which
    creates multimedia-based software products for children; and the Software
    Products division, which engineers software tools and products. For more
    information on Spectrum Software and SpectrumSCM, check out the company's
    Web site at www.spectrumscm.com or call 770.448.8662
    Sudarshan Raghavan, Feb 8, 2005
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