ANNOUNCE: awstats_reader 0.5

Discussion in 'Python' started by Joshua Kugler, Dec 19, 2009.

    AwstatsReader is a pythonic interface to AWStats data cache files. Using
    it, you can access year and month via dict-like subscripts, and and
    individual data points via both dict-like subscripts and attribute-like

    As of version 0.5, it includes a script for merging AWStats Cache files.


    Joshua Kugler () is a programmer and system administator
    with over 10 years of industory experience. He is currently looking for a
    job. Happen to have one you could offer him? :)
    Resume at:

    This is an early-beta release. There are 43 tests which cover most, if not
    all of the functionality, but not much documentation. The interface should
    be considered stable, but not in concrete. The usage of this project in
    a "real world" situation ( led to many improvements
    to the API.

    I wrote this via examples from an AWStats cache file, so I'm sure there are
    sections for which I do not have definitions. If you would send me those
    sections, I'll be sure to add them.

    Right now, this will parse and display cache files from AWStats 6.5. I've
    not tested other versions yet, as 6.5 is the only version I've had access
    to so far.

    No public repository yet. Just haven't set it up.

    Modified BSD

    import awstats_reader

    obj = awstats_reader.AwstatsReader('/path/to/awstats_logs', '')

    print obj[2007]
    print obj[2008][6]
    m = obj[2009][7]
    print m['general']
    # Access like a dictionary...
    print m['general']['LastLine']
    #...or like an object attribute
    print m['general'].LastLine
    print m.general.LastLine

    Please send questions/comments/suggestions to
    For now, you can find the latest version here:
    Joshua Kugler, Dec 19, 2009
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