ANNOUNCE: wxPython


Robin Dunn


I'm pleased to announce the release of wxPython, now available
for download at This is mostly a
bug-fix release, but there are a few new features as well. See the
changes list below for details.

What is wxPython?

wxPython is a GUI toolkit for the Python programming language. It
allows Python programmers to create programs with a robust, highly
functional graphical user interface, simply and easily. It is
implemented as a Python extension module that wraps the GUI components
of the popular wxWidgets cross platform library, which is written in

wxPython is a cross-platform toolkit. This means that the same program
will usually run on multiple platforms without modifications.
Currently supported platforms are 32-bit Microsoft Windows, most Linux
or other Unix-like systems using GTK or GTK2, and Apple Macintosh OS

Changes in

wxMSW: Fixed bug #1022383, 'several ComboBoxes appear selected'

wx.grid.Grid: Fixed bug #1163384. Moved the code that handles
activating the cell editors to a EVT_CHAR event handler. This is done
so the character inserted into the editor will be the "cooked" char
value (including accented or composed keys) rather than the raw code
provided by the EVT_KEY_DOWN event.

Added orient parameter to wx.MDIParentFrame.Tile()

wxMSW: wxTextCtrl with wx.TE_RICH2 style now uses RichEdit 4.1 if

Added GetCount, GetCountRGB, and GetCountColour methods to

wxMSW: wx.Window.Refresh changed to explicitly refresh all children as
well as the parent. Previously it was implicitly done because parents
did not clip their children by default. Now that they always clip
children then Refresh needed to be fixed to do a recursive refresh.
This also fixes the Freeze/Thaw problems that some people had with

wx.SplitterWindow: Send EVT_SPLITTER_SASH_POS_CHANGED only once after
end of dragging and not after each CHANGING event (modified patch

wx.glcanvas.GLCanvas: applied patch fixing problems with X server
crash when using nVidia cards (patch 1155132)

wx.lib.mixins.listctrl: Patches from Toni Brkic:
* Bugfix for TextEditMixin when the view can't be scrolled
* Enhancement for ListCtrlAutoWidthMixin, allowing it to manage
the width of any column.

wxMac: removal and reusing toolbar tools like the other platforms is
now possible.

wxMac: Correct radio tool selection after calling Realize a 2nd time.

wxMSW: Applied patch #1166587, removes all flicker from wx.StaticBox

Added wx.lib.foldpanelbar, Andrea Gavana's port of Jorgen Bodde's C++
wxFoldPanelBar classes to Python.

wxGTK: Applied patch #1173802, reimplementation of GtkFileChooser
wxFileDialog by Mart Raudsepp. Note that this new file dialog is only
used on GTK2 >= 2.4. For earlier GTK2 versions and GTK1 then the
older generic file dialog is used.

wxMSW: fixes to static box borders calculations (finalizes patch

wx.Image: Use Python's buffer interface API for all image data and
alpha Set/Get methods and the ImageFromData* constructors. They all
still copy the buffer except for SetDataBuffer and SetAlphaBuffer, but
this gives more flexibility on where the data can come from.

Added MDI support to XRC

Added wx.animate module and a demo. The wx.animate module provides a
control that is able to display an animated GIF file. Applied patch from Werner F. Bruhin that allows either
vertical and/or horizontal gridlines.

wxMSW: Extra space given for top border of wx.StaticBoxSizer so the
upper line is not cliped when there is no label.

wxMSW: Restored old behaviour of wx.StaticBox.SetBackgroundColour only
affecting the label.

events in a wx.TreeCtrl.

Added wx.GetTopLevelWindows() function which returns a copy of the
list of top-level windows that currently exist in the application.

Updated docview library modules and sample apps from the ActiveGrid

Added the ActiveGrid IDE as a sample application.

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