Artificial Mind - Part One - Basic Architecture and Cognitive Structure is now available

Discussion in 'Java' started by tommak, Oct 3, 2006.

  1. tommak

    tommak Guest

    It's a dream of human beings to build machines that can think and
    behave like human beings. The most important part of of such a machine
    is an artificial mind that can emulate the cognitive processing of
    human mind.

    This book, "Next Generation Artificial Intelligence, Artificial Mind -
    Part One - Basic Architecture and Cognitive Structure" introduces a
    basic artificial mind architecture and computational model for
    cognitive processing. Inside the book, three important cognitive
    process modeling components, mental objects network (MON),
    associative-learning mechanisms and a concept formation principle are
    introduced. Based on the architecture and the computational model, one
    can develop his own model of artificial mind according to his own
    specific requirements.

    The first edition of Artificial Mind - Part One is now available for
    purchase from the author's personal web site. The price of the e-book
    is USD7.00 (seven US dollars). An evaluation edition of this e-book is
    also available for download from the web site.

    The author's personal web site:
    tommak, Oct 3, 2006
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