AS Perl + PAR perl58.dll?


John Bokma

I get an error about PL_memory_wrap which can not be found in perl58.dll
(The actual error is in Spanish, since I use a Spanish XP (comp is not

The message pops up, and then I get:

Can't load 'C:\...\Temp\par-John\cache-1121142668\6b24f9a6.dll' for module
Socket: load_file:No se encontr¾ el proceso especificado at
C:/aperl58/lib/ line 230. at ../blib/lib/PAR/ line 107
Compilation failed ...
( ... in path for brevity)

This is perl, v5.8.7 built for MSWin32-x86-multi-thread + PAR

2. PAR [0.89] Perl Archive Tookit
3. PAR-Dist [0.07] Create and manipulate PAR distributions

Since PAR worked with my previous Perl install (5.8.3 IIRC) I am afraid PAR
and 5.8.7 don't work together.



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