awk like usage in python


Rudra Banerjee

I am in process learning python.
I basically use shell scripts for text formatting and trying my hand on
where I am fighting is awk's functionality in python.
Say, one of my real tiny code looks like:
for i in $1/MnBi_EOS_*
# echo $i
grep -A 15 "T(est)" $i/out-Dy-eos2 >$TMP
var_T=`awk '/T\(est\)/{printf $2}' $TMP`
var_s1=`awk '/s1,torque/{print $6;exit}' $TMP`
var_t=`awk '/s1,torque/{print $7;exit}' $TMP`
echo $var_T $var_s1 $var_t >>tfl
# echo ""
# echo ""
sort -n tfl >$2
rm -i $TMP tfl

where the store looks like:
T(est)= 266.58K
TOTDOS= 0.48669E+02n_Ef= 0.62856E+02 Ebnd-0.11707E+02
spec,subl= 1 1N= 0.72132E+01s1c=-0.50284E+00
spec,subl= 1 1 lined-up= 0.99999E+00
species,subl,cmp= 1 1 1 s1,torque= 0.59382E-02 0.36773E-04
species,sublat,cmp= 1 1 1 sp-mom= 0.14449E+01
species,sublat,cmp= 1 1 1 orbmom= 0.41075E-01
species,subl,cmp= 1 1 2 s1,torque=-0.33939E-12 0.20885E-12
species,sublat,cmp= 1 1 2 sp-mom= 0.54080E+00
species,sublat,cmp= 1 1 2 orbmom= 0.14921E-01
species,subl,cmp= 1 1 3 s1,torque= 0.60002E-02 0.15728E-02
species,sublat,cmp= 1 1 3 sp-mom= 0.14448E+01
species,sublat,cmp= 1 1 3 orbmom= 0.43989E-01
spec,subl= 1 2N= 0.72132E+01s1c=-0.50284E+00
spec,subl= 1 2 lined-up= 0.99999E+00
species,subl,cmp= 1 2 1 s1,torque= 0.59378E-02 0.36850E-04

How can I import the awk functionality in python?


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