Be A Search Engine Optimization / Marketing Expert


Blue Pikes

Be A Search Engine Optimization / Marketing Expert

Course Prospects :
After successful completion of this course, you will be able to:

• Set up, monitor, and maintain successful search engine optimization
campaigns for your sites or your client’s sites on the world’s most
popular search engines and directories.

• Make websites search engine compatible and designed to attract
visitors who are more likely to buy or sign up.

• Prepare for starting you own search engine optimization business or
applying for a job as an SEO (search engine optimizer) or SEM (search
engine marketer).

Course Outline :

1) Search Engine Optimization - 1
a. Course Introduction
b. Introduction to SEO
c. Search Engine Basics
d. SEO Requirements Gathering
e. Keyword Research
f. Title and META Tag Creation
g. SEO Copywriting
h. SEO Integration
i. Search Engine and Directory Submission
j. Search Engine Spam
k. SEO Reporting and Conversions

2) Search Engine Optimization - 2
a. Course Introduction
b. Overview of SEO
c. Site Architecture
d. Text Content
e. Dynamic Content
f. Graphics
g. Flash and Splash Pages
h. Frames and Tables
i. Link Popularity
j. Pay For Performance
k. Measuring SEO ROI
l. Starting Your Own SEO Business

3) Website Copywriting
a. Course Introduction
b. THE Important Aspect of Copywriting
c. Discover Your Target Audience Best
d. Men and Women Are Different!
e. Writing to Please Everybody
f. Headlines - The Beginning and the End
g. Features vs. Benefits
h. Adding Emotions & Dreams
i. The Power Points of Your Copy
j. A.I.D.A. and the Buying Process
k. Copy Is Crucial
l. Final Thoughts

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Blue said:
Be A Search Engine Optimization / Marketing Expert


This is bloody hillarious. Spam pimping for a course on how to sell snake

How many levels of depravity can we delve?


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