best practices: logging in an osgi environment

Discussion in 'Java' started by brindy, Aug 25, 2007.

  1. brindy

    brindy Guest

    hi all,

    i am curious as to people's opinions of best practices regarding
    logging in an osgi environment.

    do you use java logging?

    or do you track the osgi log service?

    or do you use log4j? and if so, how do you package it and declare
    dependancies to it (e.g. package-import or require-bundle?)

    ideally, i'd like to keep my code decoupled from the osgi framework,
    so that means creating abstraction for the log service api (not
    another logging api?!) or simply not using it all. java logging seems
    like a logical thing to use as it is there in the api and ready to
    use... but how does it operate in an osgi environment and what kind of
    control do i have over it?

    any advice gratefully received

    brindy, Aug 25, 2007
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