best way to implement draggable looping carousel (kinda like Google Maps)

Discussion in 'Javascript' started by dino d., Aug 13, 2010.

  1. dino d.

    dino d. Guest


    I want to build a div that contains a series of tiles that load
    dynamic data when they come into view. I don't want to just keep
    creating new tiles when there is a void, but rather, I'd like to have
    a constant set of tiles that loop by popping over to the other side of
    the div in the invisible section.

    In other words, as a user is panning left (dragging the tiles to the
    right) after the right-most tile goes out of view, it should pop back
    over to the left (also out of view). Same for top and bottom.

    When the tile goes out of view, I'll reload it with fresh data. The
    user will get the experience of an infinite set of tiles, dynamically
    filled with data. I'd like this to be draggable with a mouse, and
    prefer to use Prototype instead of jQuery.

    I realize this is kind of like Google Maps, but I'm not using mapping
    data, rather, numerical data.

    Any advice on how to do this?

    dino d., Aug 13, 2010
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  2. Am 2010-08-13 13:07, dino d. meinte:

    No advice, but...

    Gregor Kofler, Aug 13, 2010
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