Books: Verilog and VHDL



Looking for top Verilog & VHDL reference books to add to your technical
bookshelf? If you're designing a new chip or FPGA system, or just want
to learn more about using HDLs for chip and system design, you'll find
these Verilog and VHDL books to be a great way to get started.

We offer some of the best Verilog & VHDL texts available at 66% off
regular Amazon prices (really, no kidding!). At these low prices, the
books make a great add to your reference bookshelf or for your

These are brand new, never opened, still-in-the-wrapper books with
CD-ROM from the last of our overstock inventory. At these prices, you
can buy one of every member of your team -- and far less than you

*** The Verilog Hardware Description Language, 4th ed -- 66% off!
The Verilog classic reference text by Thomas & Moorby
Sale price: $39.50 (save $68.50 off Amazon price!)

*** VHDL Coding Styles and Methodologies, 2nd ed -- 66% off!
Comprehensive VHDL reference text by Ben Cohen, noted VHDL guru
Sale price: $52.00 (save $99.50 off Amazon price!)

These books are 100% guaranteed to be BRAND NEW and unopened. You will
not find a better price on these two classic HDL references. We ship
quickly, and ship internationally. All shipments are upgraded to
Expedited shipping at no additional cost to you.

The HDL Book Sellers


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