Recommended reference books for VHDL & Verilog

Discussion in 'VHDL' started by HDL Book Seller, Oct 25, 2004.

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    HDL Book Seller, Oct 25, 2004
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  2. HDL Book Seller

    rickman Guest

    Anyone have this book? How do you like it? I think the "regular" price
    is a bit absurd, but the $52 price seems typical for a VHDL book. I
    know that Ben Cohen is an expert at VHDL and helped write the standard.
    But I don't know if his books are good.


    Rick "rickman" Collins

    Ignore the reply address. To email me use the above address with the XY

    Arius - A Signal Processing Solutions Company
    Specializing in DSP and FPGA design URL
    4 King Ave 301-682-7772 Voice
    Frederick, MD 21701-3110 301-682-7666 FAX
    rickman, Oct 26, 2004
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  3. HDL Book Seller

    Rob Young Guest


    I bought Ben Cohen's book, from HDL Book Seller too. I was happy with
    HDL's price and shipping.

    Ben Cohen's book has loads of good stuff, such as synthesizable vs.
    non-synthesiziable coding suggestions, the "rules" and syntax of VHDL
    and so on. Also he has "homework" problems.

    I only have 2 complaints about the book. First I have found (and I'm
    sorry I don't have the book at my desk to give specific pages) that
    there will be a footnote number given in the text but NO FOOTNOTE at
    the bottom of the page or on near-by pages. Second, I feel the book
    could benefit from a redesign of the layout and graphics. For some
    reason, the combination of fonts, spacing and layout makes some pages
    very hard to read. That may just be me developing Adult Attention
    Deficit Disorder, but it just doesn't "flow" well in places.

    Otherwise, between Ben's book (more recent and with good practical
    advice for simulation and synthesis) and Kevin Skahill's book (older,
    so some of the VHDL syntax is a bit dated) I think I finally have a
    grasp on VHDL.

    Rob Young
    Rob Young, Oct 27, 2004
  4. HDL Book Seller

    james Guest



    I have it and find it written much like a college textbook. SO in that
    aspect it can be a difficult read for one exposed to VHDL for the
    first time and not familiar with college t ype textbooks. He does give
    exercises in the chapter and companion CD has some nice extras on it
    as well as complete code for teh examples used in the text. Cohen does
    go out of the way to point out the major difference between VHDL 87
    and VHdl 93 syntax. He shows examples of code fragments that will
    cause problems and what will provide trouble free synthesis. What
    helped me was the sections on how to avoid the inference of registers
    when one does not want them. He also stresses coding techniques for
    readability. Overall it is a good reference book and at the price
    being offered not to bad. I bougth it at an overstock price like the
    one listed.

    It does help in teaching VHDL and how it applies to overall design. If
    one is doing primarily VHDL for FPGAs then the text along with
    documentation from the vendor become a powerful set of documents.

    I would reccomend it as a good reference book to have on one's shelf.

    james, Oct 27, 2004
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