boolean variable not assigned in try...catch block of wizard.FinishButton_Click event

Discussion in 'ASP .Net' started by Andy B., Jun 19, 2009.

  1. Andy B.

    Andy B. Guest

    I have a Wizard control inside of a web user control. The steps are these:
    0=Start (form to add/edit headlines), 1= confirmation step (make sure what
    you entered is true) and 2= complete step(show the results of the database
    actions). Step index 2 (result of actions step) has an ok button on it. If
    there were errors, it will display them in this step and the ok button will
    return the user to the form to make changes. If there are no errors, it
    displays a success message and the ok button returns the user to the home
    page. This is all for a DNN 4.9.4 module.

    In the Wizard.FinishButton_Click event, the code determines if it should run
    an insert or an update and does what is required of it. If the requested
    database action fails, it is sent to the catch block where the errors are
    shown on the actions result page of the wizard. My problem is that the
    variable HasEditFailed is skipped in the code and I can't figure out why.
    Everything works except this. Here is the relevant code.

    private HasEditFailed as boolean = false

    Protected Sub EditHeadlineWizard_FinishButtonClick(ByVal sender As Object,
    ByVal e As System.Web.UI.WebControls.WizardNavigationEventArgs) Handles


    Dim PortalSecurity As New PortalSecurity

    Dim HeadlinesController As New HeadlinesController

    Dim HeadlinesInfo As New HeadlinesInfo

    HeadlinesInfo.Content = PortalSecurity.InputFilter(ContentTextBox.Text,
    Security.PortalSecurity.FilterFlag.NoScripting And

    HeadlinesInfo.CreatedByUser = Me.UserId

    HeadlinesInfo.DateCreated = Date.Now

    HeadlinesInfo.Description =
    PortalSecurity.InputFilter(Regex.Replace(DescriptionTextBox.Text, "<[^>]*>",
    String.Empty), Security.PortalSecurity.FilterFlag.NoMarkup)

    HeadlinesInfo.ExpirationDate = CType(ExpirationDateTextBox.Text, Date)

    HeadlinesInfo.ItemID = ItemId

    HeadlinesInfo.ModuleID = ModuleId

    HeadlinesInfo.Title =
    PortalSecurity.InputFilter(Regex.Replace(TitleTextBox.Text, "<[^>]*>",
    String.Empty), Security.PortalSecurity.FilterFlag.NoMarkup)

    If Common.Utilities.Null.IsNull(ItemId) Then

    'Add the new headline.


    CompletedTextLabel.Text = "The headline '" + HeadlinesInfo.Title + "' Was
    saved to the database."

    HasEditFailed = False


    'Update the headline


    CompletedTextLabel.Text = "The headline titled '" + HeadlinesInfo.Title + "'
    has been updated and saved to the database."

    HasEditFailed = False

    End If

    Catch ex As SqlException

    Dim ErrorsList As New StringBuilder

    ErrorsList.Append("The headline could not be saved for the following
    reasons. Review the list and make sure your entries are correct. When you
    are finished reviewing the list, press the OK button to return to the edit
    headline form to re-enter your values.")

    ErrorsList.Append("<br /><br />")


    For Each ActualError As SqlError In ex.Errors

    ErrorsList.Append("<li>" + ActualError.Message + "</li>")



    CompletedTextLabel.Text = ErrorsList.ToString()

    EditHeadlineWizard.ActiveStepIndex = 2

    'The line below is skipped all the time.

    HasEditFailed = True

    End Try

    End Sub

    Protected Sub OKButton_Click(ByVal sender As Object, ByVal e As
    System.EventArgs) Handles OKButton.Click

    If HasEditFailed = False Then

    Response.Redirect(NavigateURL(), True)


    EditHeadlineWizard.ActiveStepIndex = 0

    End If

    End Sub
    Andy B., Jun 19, 2009
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