BootCampArama Early Bird Registration Reminder


Chris Calloway

Just a reminder, we're at the two week warning on early bird
registration for PyCamp:

Registration is now open for:

PyCamp: Python Boot Camp, August 4 - 8

Plone Boot Camp: Customizing Plone, July 28 - August 1

Advanced Plone Boot Camp: Plone 3 Techniques, August 4 - 7

All of these take place on the campus of the University of North
Carolina at Chapel Hill in state of the art high tech classrooms, with
free mass transit, low-cost accommodations with free wireless, and
convenient dining options.

Plone Boot Camp is taught by Joel Burton, twice chair of the Plone
Foundation. Joel has logged more the 200 days at the head of Plone
classrooms on four continents. See for dozens of
testimonials from Joel's students.

PyCamp is taught by Chris Calloway, facilitator for TriZPUG and
application analyst for the Southeast Coastal Ocean Observing System.
Chris has developed PyCamp for over 1500 hours on behalf of Python user
groups. Early bird registration runs through June 30. So register today!

PyCamp is TriZPUG's Python Boot Camp, which takes a programmer familiar
with basic programming concepts to the status of Python developer with
one week of training. If you have previous scripting or programming
experience and want to step into Python programming as quickly and
painlessly as possible, this boot camp is for you. PyCamp is also the
perfect follow-on to Plone Boot Camp: Customizing Plone the previous week.

At Plone Boot Camp: Customizing Plone you will learn the essentials you
need to build your Plone site and deploy it. This course is the most
popular in the Plone world--for a good reason: it teaches you practical
skills in a friendly, hands-on format. This bootcamp is aimed at:
* people with HTML or web design experience
* people with some or no Python experience
* people with some or no Zope/Plone experience
It covers using Plone, customizing, and deploying Plone sites.

At Advanced Plone Boot Camp: Plone 3 Techniques you will learn to build
a site using the best practices of Plone 3 as well as advance your
skills in scripting and developing for Plone. The course covers the new
technologies in Plone 3.0 and 3.1 intended for site integrators and
developers: our new portlet infrastructure, viewlets, versioning, and a
friendly introduction to Zope 3 component architecture. Now, updated for
Plone 3.1! The course is intended for people who have experience with
the basics of Plone site development and HTML/CSS. It will cover what
you need to know to take advantage of these new technologies in Plone 3.

For more information contact: (e-mail address removed)


Chris Calloway
office: 332 Chapman Hall phone: (919) 599-3530
mail: Campus Box #3300, UNC-CH, Chapel Hill, NC 27599


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