Building a real estate website

Mar 15, 2021
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Hey, I'm new to this coding or programming, but I really have an interest in it.
I wanted to build a real estate website, a real estate website which don't have visitors account function (such as login/sign up), my friend just bought me WordPress domain/hosting (i dunno what is it called) Now I have hosting manager account too, it's from

Should I build my real estate website project in WordPress or should I build it from scratch?
I've tried WordPress using themes, but in some elements, I can't customize freely.

Where should i start? and where should i learn it?

best thanks to u who want to answer it

pieces of information that I dunno if it helpful or not:
I used to be a graphic designer using adobe illustrator, photoshop, after effect, premiere, etc.


Jul 3, 2021
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Normally, given enough experience with Wordpress, you can achieve what you want in a flexible manner by relying on a few overrides or making your own theme. I believe Wordpress can cover most of your needs. You just need the right plugins and tweaks.

If however, you have a need for something out of the ordinary (which I doubt but still, assuming so), only then you should consider writing it from scratch.

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