Building my portfolio website fit for the semantic web. How?



I have a website I'm building at I want to understand how this website could be part of the semantic web. I've read up about why linked data is good, RDF, FOAF, etc. But, I'm struggling to find a website that shows me how to actually make use of the RDF files and such. Sure I canwrite an RDF file that has all my data described but how do I apply that to an HTML website (ie. display my FOAF profile as HTML).

Looking at the homepage you will see that I have data such as my name, job,where I live, my hometown .. all this ideally should be described. Now, the way I've built the site is to load html using AJAX calls: so when the user clicks on the home page, an AJAX call loads the home content into the content container DIV. So where and how do I describe the data when it is HTMLI am serving? Do I add describing markup within the AJAX-loaded HTML to indicate my name etc?

How else should I be structuring my websites if this is not ideal for linking data? My websites usually load HTML then load an API (e.g. JSON) using JavaScript, jQuery. The links to APIs are contained within the JavaScript.

I can build a FOAF XML file with all that lovely data in it, but I just don't see from the tutorials I read how linked data is actually applied to building a website. Actually this is something I've struggled with since learning other XML technologuies such as XSLT. Where does it all fit in with a typical website so that it can be displayed as HTML (meaningful, sequential data along with meaningless chatter) but also available for search engines and machines to ignore the nonsense, JavaScript - non data stuff. Please help :)


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