Bypassing Sweeper Bot: Transferring BSC to Cover Fees for Teddy Doge Token Transfer

May 15, 2023
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I have two wallets, Wallet 1 and Wallet 2. Wallet 1 is accompanied by a sweeper bot that instantly removes any Binance Smart Chain (BSC) received. My objective is to transfer Teddy Doge tokens from Wallet 1 to Wallet 2. However, the sweeper bot on Wallet 1 prevents any BSC from being received. To proceed with the transfer, I need BSC on Wallet 1 to cover the network fees.

The challenge is to find a solution that allows me to move BSC from Wallet 2 to Wallet 1, bypassing the sweeper bot's restrictions. This will enable me to cover the network fees and proceed with the transfer of Teddy Doge tokens from Wallet 1 to Wallet 2. I currently have BSC on Wallet 2, and I need to devise a method to overcome the sweeper bot's limitations and facilitate the transfer successfully.


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