calling a windows service from a bat file ?



Is it possible? I have a 3rd party app which repeatedly calls a
console app and in order to speed things up I thought it would be
better to have the consoles functionality contained within a windows
service. The problem I face is getting the third party app to call
into the service and I was wondering if there was any way that it
could call a bat file or some other scripting language that would then
call the service.

It passes simple one work test commands etc so it is not complicated
by arguments.

The console startup time take a few moments and is written in c# btw.




Victor Bazarov

Joe said:
Is it possible?[..]

Wrong newsgroup. Here we talk C++ language, which incidentally
doesn't define "a windows service" or "a bat file". Perhaps the
newsgroup for your OS (MS Windows, is it?) would be a better
place to ask.


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