Can I Feed XML to a CachedRowSetImpl Object?



I'm looking for a mechanism to return a java.sql.ResultSet loaded with
data originating from an XML document or for the sake of a simple
example, hard-coded. I don't want to connect to a database, as I want
to be able to have JavaBean objects that I can pass around, consisting
of data and can ultimately return a ResultSet.

I have been able to successfully "update" or "insert additional rows",
into a CachedRowSetImpl object, which suits another business need of
mine, but now I'm looking to take it one step further and have a
ResultSet that is not only disconnected in the sense of having already
retrieved data, but disconnected from a database all-together, having
been populated with data by hand, or from an XML document.

Any ideas or examples would be greatly appreciated!

Thanks and Best Regards,