Can't get any output from python-sqlkit, how to diagnose?



I am trying to use python-sqlkit (
but I'm not really getting over the first hurdle.

If I run sqledit (the ready made executable that needs no programming)
on my data then it works fine and displays my table data.

However if I enter the minimal example given in the documentation
(changing the database and table names to mine of course) I get no
output, no errors either, just nothing (apart from two warning
messages which are also output by the sqledit standalone).

My code is as follows:-


from sqlkit.widgets import SqlTable, SqlMask
from sqlkit import DbProxy

db = DbProxy(engine='sqlite:////home/chris/.sqledit/money.db')
t = SqlMask('jessica', dbproxy=db)

.... this is the example given at

I'm not convinced that this is a complete example though (obviously
not as it doesn't work). Can someone point me at a minimal python
program for getting the GUI off the ground using sqlkit please. Or
alternatively tell me what I have to add to the above.


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