How to get education and coding job coming from abroad starting new in the US? Advice of courses or places to look?

May 18, 2023
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Hello guys,

I just registered and hoped for maybe finding some input from this place as I thought you guys should know best about the coding field. I am a german/Us citizen and grew up in germany only for vacation I have went to the states yet. I always wanted to move over but I got stuck on some points here in germany. I have no finished education, I did study a while on university but without finishing and then worked several years in the logistic field - last 3 years I made good money paid off everything, helped family and got savings of a few thousands now. I quit the Job to beginning of this year because I couldn´t think of doing it a century or two. I am thinking about tackling an apprenticeship for 3 years in germany now as a programmer in software development or trying to find out if theres any way I can do the same inside the US? Since all I know that education is expensive in the US and healthcare I am hesitant but I would really love to make the US with the english language my center. Im turning 30 this year, if I want to have a retirement while learning something new time doesnt seem in favor. I dont know how retirement works if you worked a decade in germany but then move to the US but its probably not in ones favour. Anyways,

What you think about this, would you stick to doing 3 years in germany and then look to move or directly learn the job inside the country you desire to live in?
doing it in germany is less risk, I would get pay while learning and health care covered. It´s 3 years crappy pay and lifetime in a place I don´t like.

Are there courses, training I can follow to get some sort of paper that gets me recognition for a job in the US?
Like some paper that guarantees I will find something when I come over?
Maybe some sort of online courses I could do from germany that will make it possible for me looking out for a job?

Are there paid apprenticeships in the field of programming I can do?

I should add, there is the possiblity of me going to family first month or so to stay and get an appartment etc, from there on out I will be on my own.

Why coding? When I was in university for a bachelors in programming I had fun doing so. I like working with computers and the focused work best case in a flow state. It has been years since I´ve last coded but I will use my time to pick it back up again. Back then few things came together and I decided to quit university and needed to make some money first. Got stuck along the way. I wouldn´t pick up a loan ever again to study.

What would you guys do and think about this? Is there a realistic way in the states for me starting with like 5000-8000€/$?
Or should I really just stick here do the 3 years and have some sort of proof before going out?

I just so often heard you can get into the field inside the US within a year or so. The US generally seems like a place less regulated like germany. Here the 3 year apprenticeship is nearly a must have or big portfolio to show off before even getting a chance. The US offers more to switch fields etc. At least thats the impression given. I do know in a lot of fields contacts can also get you jobs while here it could never be an option without the paper.
Nov 24, 2022
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I also have no "the paper". And job. From 20 years. Write from Poland, here companies most ofen event didn't write back. Now I'm at the point of writing my own javascript framework. Tried to publish it on one of polish codding forums and thread with it was moved to trash. So this is how IT works. Be prepared.
Jun 21, 2023
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The good news is, the tech industry, especially coding, can be very flexible with regard to formal education. Many companies in the U.S., and around the world for that matter, prioritize skill and ability over formal qualifications. That means, even without a university degree in computer science or a similar field, you could still have a promising career in coding if you're good at what you do.

Personally, if you're really keen on moving to the U.S., and are able to financially support yourself in the short term, starting with online courses while living with family might be a good first step. You can then potentially find an internship or entry-level job in coding. That said, completing an apprenticeship in Germany for three years would also provide a solid foundation, give you more experience, and probably make it easier to land a job in the U.S. It's also important to have a clean slate on your record, it's especially important in the tech industry. Companies will often conduct character assessment on potential employees to ensure that they're trustworthy, especially when their work involves handling sensitive data. Having a clean record can definitely improve your chances of landing a job.

Another reason it's important is that it may also impact your ability to obtain a visa or work permit in the U.S., depending on the specific circumstances. So ensuring you've got everything squared away legally can definitely make the transition smoother.

It's just another reason to make sure you keep everything above board, both in your personal and professional life. The tech industry is a place where integrity and trustworthiness are highly valued, and a clean record will go a long way in helping you establish a successful career.

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