How to get education and coding job coming from abroad starting new in the US? Advice of courses or places to look?

May 18, 2023
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Hello guys,

I just registered and hoped for maybe finding some input from this place as I thought you guys should know best about the coding field. I am a german/Us citizen and grew up in germany only for vacation I have went to the states yet. I always wanted to move over but I got stuck on some points here in germany. I have no finished education, I did study a while on university but without finishing and then worked several years in the logistic field - last 3 years I made good money paid off everything, helped family and got savings of a few thousands now. I quit the Job to beginning of this year because I couldn´t think of doing it a century or two. I am thinking about tackling an apprenticeship for 3 years in germany now as a programmer in software development or trying to find out if theres any way I can do the same inside the US? Since all I know that education is expensive in the US and healthcare I am hesitant but I would really love to make the US with the english language my center. Im turning 30 this year, if I want to have a retirement while learning something new time doesnt seem in favor. I dont know how retirement works if you worked a decade in germany but then move to the US but its probably not in ones favour. Anyways,

What you think about this, would you stick to doing 3 years in germany and then look to move or directly learn the job inside the country you desire to live in?
doing it in germany is less risk, I would get pay while learning and health care covered. It´s 3 years crappy pay and lifetime in a place I don´t like.

Are there courses, training I can follow to get some sort of paper that gets me recognition for a job in the US?
Like some paper that guarantees I will find something when I come over?
Maybe some sort of online courses I could do from germany that will make it possible for me looking out for a job?

Are there paid apprenticeships in the field of programming I can do?

I should add, there is the possiblity of me going to family first month or so to stay and get an appartment etc, from there on out I will be on my own.

Why coding? When I was in university for a bachelors in programming I had fun doing so. I like working with computers and the focused work best case in a flow state. It has been years since I´ve last coded but I will use my time to pick it back up again. Back then few things came together and I decided to quit university and needed to make some money first. Got stuck along the way. I wouldn´t pick up a loan ever again to study.

What would you guys do and think about this? Is there a realistic way in the states for me starting with like 5000-8000€/$?
Or should I really just stick here do the 3 years and have some sort of proof before going out?

I just so often heard you can get into the field inside the US within a year or so. The US generally seems like a place less regulated like germany. Here the 3 year apprenticeship is nearly a must have or big portfolio to show off before even getting a chance. The US offers more to switch fields etc. At least thats the impression given. I do know in a lot of fields contacts can also get you jobs while here it could never be an option without the paper.


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