can't stream cast from a case insensitive string



Hi all,

I am trying to come up with a case insensitive string, and I found the
following on the web

So basically my code to come up with a case insensitive string is as

/// Traits class for a case insensitive string class
struct ci_char_traits : public std::char_traits<char> {

static bool eq( char c1, char c2 )
{ return toupper(c1) == toupper(c2); }

static bool ne( char c1, char c2 )
{ return toupper(c1) != toupper(c2); }

static bool lt( char c1, char c2 )
{ return toupper(c1) < toupper(c2); }

static int compare(const char* s1, const char* s2, size_t n )
{ return memicmp( s1, s2, n ); }

static int memicmp(const void *s1, const void *s2, size_t n) {

if (n != 0) {
const unsigned char *p1 = (const unsigned char *)s1, *p2 =
(const unsigned char *)s2;
do {
if (toupper(*p1) != toupper(*p2))
return (*p1 - *p2);
} while (--n != 0);
return 0;

/// case insensitive string type definition
typedef std::basic_string<char, ci_char_traits> ci_string;

/// provide standard output for case insensitive string
template<typename char_type, typename traits_type, typename
inline std::basic_ostream<char_type, traits_type>&
operator<<(std::basic_ostream<char_type, traits_type>& os,
const std::basic_string<char_type, ci_char_traits,
allocator_type>& str) {
return std::__ostream_insert(os,, str.size());

so the type definition is the string. Now the problem I have, is that
I can't get a function to work with this custom string as it works
with a regular string. The following template function gets a value
from the string, but the

template <typename T, class string_type, typename counter_type>
T stream_cast(const string_type& s) {

typedef typename string_type::value_type char_type;
typedef typename string_type::traits_type traits_type;

typename std::basic_istringstream<char_type, traits_type> iss(s);

T x;
char c;
if (!(iss >> x) || iss.get(c))
cout<<"*** ERROR *** Bad Conversion!"<<endl;
return x;

I call this function to get a double from a string as follows:

ci_string str("2.0");
double test = stream_cast<double>(str);

But something is wrong with my definition of case insensitive string
because the evaluation of the stream object through operator! always
fails (the line !(iss >> x) is always true for this string type).

Does someone know why I'm having this problem? Thanks in advance for
taking the time to read this long post.



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