CascadingDropDown Ajax.Net controls inside MultiView View subjcontrol

Discussion in 'ASP .Net' started by wfsmith, Mar 8, 2008.

  1. wfsmith

    wfsmith Guest

    I have a page with a MultiView control and 6 Views. Each view has a
    User control that contains various form controls (dropdowns, textboxes
    and CascadingDropDown Ajax.Net controls).

    When the page is loaded, I populate the various form controls with
    data inside each of the 6 Views by accessing my exposed properties of
    my User Control.

    All the controls persist during postback, and any changes I make also
    persist during postbacks, but the same cannot be said for the
    CascadingDropDown control. It seems these controls do not interact
    with the Viewstate such that when I change my active view (i.e.
    Postback), the CDD controls on all the views revert to their default
    values and the SelectedValues are gone.

    I thought I had a working solution by saving the values to hidden
    textbox controls and then setting the CDD SelectedValue to each
    textbox control in the Page_Load of my User Control. The problem
    with this is that any changes you make are lost when you change the
    Active View.

    Control hierarchy im using:

    Edit page
    User Control
    Textbox controls
    ...many other controls....
    CascadingDropDown controls

    So when the Edit Page loads, I bind the data to the exposed properties
    of my User Control. All work great, and persist during postback,
    except for CascasdingDropDown which loses its SelectedValue when the
    Active View is changed (because that causes a post back).

    Perhaps im going about this wrong? Should I use update panels and
    skip the MultiView? Ive read about this being similar to Custom
    controls and that I need to programmatically create my CDD controls in
    Page_Init (or something like that).

    Any help is greatly appreciated.
    wfsmith, Mar 8, 2008
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