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Don Juan

Hello all,
I've just created a site with Framework 3.5, I put this in my current IIS6.0
server (where two site are running fine under Framework 2).
I setup this in the same maner than for the 2.0, I choose the framework 2.0
because the 3.0 doesn't appears in the list.
When I click right in the website, and choose the option Browse, I can see
the application and everithing works fine, but when I try to access via http
I have the error I put below.

Thanks for your help!

Bonjour à tous

J'ai un site qu'utilise Framework 3.5 (Ajax web based) je viens d'installer
cet application dans mon IIS 6.0 où actuellement deux applications utilisent
les services sous Framework 2.0.
Quand j'ai installé cela je n'ai pas trouvé (dans la liste de versions asp)
la version 3.5, seulement 1 et 2 (par contre j'ai bien installé la version
Le problème est que quand je clique à droite du site l'option Browse
(examiner) je peux acceder à mon application, mais quand j'éssaye d'aller
via http, j'ai le problème d'en bas.

Merci de votre aide!


The web application you are attempting to access on this web server is
currently unavailable. Please hit the "Refresh" button in your web browser
to retry your request.

Administrator Note: An error message detailing the cause of this specific
request failure can be found in the application event log of the web server.
Please review this log entry to discover what caused this error to occur.

Norman Yuan

On IIS application properties' dialog, you can only see ASP.NET2.0, no 3.x
shows. ASP.NET APP built with .NET3.x is actually .NET2.0 app plus .nET3.x
features, if you used in your app. On the IIS server, the app runs with .NET
2.0 core.

Your error is not due to using .NET2.0, it is something else.

Jérémy Jeanson

Bonjour Don Juan,

Comme indiqué par nos amis anglophones, ne cherchez pas .net 3.5 dans
IIS car 3.5 utilise la même CLR que 2.0 et IIS n'affiche que les CLR,
pas la version de Framework. Il te faut donc selectionner la CLR 2. Tout
le reste se fait via ton fichier de configuration normalement.

Si tu veux être certain que ton application ciblz bien 3.5. Créé un
autre projet 3.5 de base et compares le fichier de config, tu aurras
alors une meilleur idée de ce qui peux te manquer.

Don Juan

Thanks, very useful.

Juan T. Llibre said:
!> I setup this in the same maner than for the 2.0,
!> I choose the framework 2.0 because the 3.0 doesn't appears in the list.

Norman's advice to you is essentially correct.
You cannot choose version 3.5 from the dropdown.

3.5 targets a lot of .net framework 2.0 and adds a few assemblies.

Where you set the version to 3.5 is in the application's web.config.

The references to the system's core, web.extensions, Datasetextensions and
Linq assemblies,
installed to the GAC, are set to 3.5 in the application's web.config.

Also, a number of configSections, namespaces, httphandlers, httpmodules,
compiler versions,
modules, handlers runtime specifications and 3.5 controls are configured
in web.config.

If you create a new website in VS 2008, it will create the 3.5 configured

Attached is a sample web.config ( web.config.3.5.txt )created by VS 2008.

If you cannot accept attachments ( you may be using the web version of
this newsgroup )
Pick up web.config.3.5.txt from my web server, at :

Try running your app with it and let us know what happens.

If you still have problems, turn off custom errors, by inserting

<customErrors mode="Off" />

...just above the <httpHandlers> section.

That will allow you to see what the actual error message is, and may point
you to a solution.

A possibility you need to check into is whether your .Net Framework 3.5
is running in its own Application Pool. IIS 6.0 is very sensitive to
ASP.NET apps
running separately from different ASP.NET-version applications.

You cannot run 1.1 apps and 3.5 apps in the same Application Pool, for

So, to eliminate that possibility, create a new Application Pool
and configure your app to run in it ( use the IIS Manager to do both ).

Create the new App Pool by selecting "Application Pools" in the IIS

Then, configure your app to run in the App Pool you just created by
selecting your application
under "Web Sites", and selecting "Properties". The App Pool dropdown is on
the first page.

Good luck...and let us know how you do.

Juan T. Llibre, MVP faq :

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