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Discussion in 'ASP .Net' started by Param R., Apr 30, 2005.

  1. Param R.

    Param R. Guest

    Hi all, could someone recommend some good control suites for that I
    can purchase. I am specifically looking for enhanced controls like
    calendaring, scheduling, menus, treets and charts(all kinds, 2d & 3d). I am
    also looking for something that does not require and that I can code
    with a text editor instead. It also needs to run on .net 1.1+. Any
    suggestions? I am currently looking into Infragistics..

    Param R., Apr 30, 2005
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  2. Infragistics great for WinForms controls - but NOT for Web controls.

    For menuing/navigation and other great stuff:

    For truly useful calendars:

    You will likely regret any attempted use of Infragistics Web controls: maybe
    someday they'll put as much effort into their products as they do into their
    marketing materials (i.e,. don't be fooled by their marketing materials).

    Jordan Richard, Apr 30, 2005
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  3. Param R.

    Guest Guest

    This info does help. Infragistics does really have a good website and
    advertises regularly in msdn magazine etc. I will check out the links below.
    What about Dundas for charts on

    Guest, Apr 30, 2005
  4. Steve C. Orr [MVP, MCSD], Apr 30, 2005
  5. << Infragistics does really have a good website and advertises regularly in
    msdn magazine etc. >>
    None of that means that their Web controls are mature or ready for market or
    well documented (their documentation is terrible). Notice on their Web site
    that they do not have *live samples*
    That fact, by itself, is meaningful. If you don't have time to download,
    install, and screw with their components - then get other people's opinions.
    I've actually implemented Infragistics Web controls. Most people who
    recommend or write reviews about their products have not *actually
    implemented* them.

    For independent verification of what I'm saying - you can go to
    Infragistics' free news groups. Just cruise through those and see the types
    of questions people are posting. Notice the volume of questions, the types
    of questions (should developers even have to ask these sorts of questions?),
    and typical lack of helpful responses (and a noticeable lack of response
    from Infragistics support personnel; they would rather sell you support -
    which you'll unfortunately need - rather than provide it for free).

    Now, go to and you'll not only get to see live samples -
    but you'll see all of the sample code (ASPX, C#, VB.NET, and CSS) that
    creates the samples. Their outstanding documentation is also available on
    their Web site for you to review. Then check out their free news groups.
    Many fewer questions (because, IMHO, their products are very well documented
    and are stable), and questions are typically addressed by ComponentArt
    personnel (for free).

    It took me about 60 frustrating hours to implement a non trivial menuing
    system using Infragistics. It took me less than 6 hours to implement the
    equivalent with ComponentArt's WebMenu.

    << What about Dundas for charts on >>
    I don't know - they seem to be popular - but then again, so does

    Jordan Richard, Apr 30, 2005
  6. Param R.

    Guest Guest

    Guest, May 1, 2005
  7. Param R.

    Peter Blum Guest

    Hi Param,

    I have made two commercial control suites that are very popular and well
    respected, with Reader's Choice awards and the most testimonials you will
    find in the Control Gallery.

    * Peter's Date Package - 19 controls for date, time and calendar entry.
    * Professional Validation And More - 45 controls for data entry including a
    greatly enhanced validation system that fixes so many of the lmiitations of
    the existing validators and gives you much better UI choices. It has several
    textboxes (integer, currency, etc) and a variety of tools to make your web
    forms more interactive.

    Neither include trees, menus, and charts. But at $50-$200 (US) per
    production server, they may be appropriate for your toolbox anyway. Details
    are at

    --- Peter Blum
    Creator of "Professional Validation And More" at
    Peter Blum, May 1, 2005
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