Crypto wallet recovery long shot

Jan 19, 2022
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Hello, I’ve been using crypto wallets for some time now, and until recently I have never had any problems. However, I have miswritten my seed phrase for my polkadot.js wallet and as a result of some careless moves I do not currently have access. I know 7/12 of the words from looking at indentations on the cardboard (was the back page in a notepad) and then I can narrow down 2/12 of the words to a selection of few words (10ish), based on first and last letters (from a selection of 2048 words) but there are still billions of combinations for the remaining 3 words.

I basically need a brute force tool that can test all these possible combinations in the polkadot.js extension - where the Information I have can be entered to reduce the possible combinations down to roughly 100 billion… I know the wallet address if that helps in anyway…

There’s no way I can recover the phrase by myself, this definitely isn’t my area. So I’m going out on a limb and asking around. I’m offering 33% of the wallets holding as a reward if access can be gained. It contains 121 DOT and 700 ish ACA.


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