Custom Controls and Absolute Positioning


Rick Strahl [MVP]

Hi all,

I have a couple of custom controls that several users of an application are
using and got a request from one of the guys that they're using Absolute
positioning and well, turns out my controls don't work right in the designer
with Absolute Positioning.

All Controls are based on WebControl

The control renders properly if the coordinates are set in the Style of the
control, but the control cannot be dragged around the page.

Currently the control uses plain Render() logic to render in the designer,
but just for kicks I also set up a ControlDesigner which doesn't seem to

What do I need to do to get the control 'positionable' in Absolute

+++ Rick ---



Rick Strahl [MVP]

Never mind... <s> turns out I had some extra tags around the control that
were causing the control not be draggable.

+++ Rick ---

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