daml 0.1.4 released, a python markup language for the web



Notes on the latest updates can be read here:
The source is on github: https://github.com/dasacc22/daml
An sdist is available on pypi: http://pypi.python.org/pypi/DAML/0.1.4

daml is for outlining html with dynamic content. Features inline
python and a sandbox you can update with custom functions (so they are
in memory, versus writing the function in the template).

As part of a bigger project, daml is playing a part in completely
removing the "view" from controller code and will feature an extension
for requesting data via IPC from your controllers (or anywhere else
for that matter if you want to wait), so no more tacking on related or
semi-related views to a particular controller.

daml currently depends on cython. There are a few utility functions
that are written in cython and it also depends on lxml (written in
cython) and makes use of that during the final document build which is
done in cython as well.

Down the road, after I get all of the specifics worked out for the
syntax, cython and lxml will be optional (and necessary if you want it
to be as fast as possible), but theres absolutely no reason for there
to not be a pure python module. It's really not that complex.

daml may also be recognized as a haml implementation. The only things
adapted is the use of #id and .class tag hashes and being indention
based (if that counts), and particularly the source of inspiration for
filters. Beyond that, they are two pretty different things.

Also, daml isn't much of a name for anything. Under consideration
currently is damsel, da Markup 4 Savvy & Eloquent Ladies (and
gentlemen). Just think repunzel in a tower with OSI climbing her hair
to save the View[1] from the MVC-implementation-of-hell Tower.

[1] She must be a looker


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