Looking for feedback on this markup language I developed and my website idea?

Jun 17, 2023
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I want to say that this is promotional, I just hope it is not against the guidelines.

So, I have developed a markup language for writing lists - it is called Describe Markup, and is a complete small language, with a grammar, fully functional command line compiler and a decent documentation in 25 page wiki. It is template-able, so you can compile your lists to anything you wish to, as long as you put in the effort to write templates for your desired output, or you choose some of the templates that come with the compiler. You can check it out here: https://github.com/viktorchernev/DescribeCompiler/

Here is why I did it though - I want to create a website that summarizes all human knowledge and culture in one enormous list. You can also think about it as a website that you could add almost any list in its proper place. You can also think about it as a wiki website, and in fact, I want to build it on top of Wikipedia's "media wiki". As an editor on Wikipedia, I have figured out that I will need a markup language for my wiki, and so the idea about Describe markup was born.

A more-personal second brain website and/or app can be easily made with Describe as well, if the wiki does not already sound like a second brain kind of software to you, and unlike the wiki, it can be offered for a fee, although I don't know if there is a niche for another paid second brain software.

You can take a look at the language (and use it for your own free projects of course), or you can check out many Describe source files and a live demo of the "world in lists" website in the links below. Finally, I have rewritten the Gold Parser Engine, so if you are struggling to find up to date source, you can use mine, although I am yet to add the full documentation on the Gold Parser.

Describe Compiler
Describe Compiler Documentation
Live demo of a website compiled from Describe code
Large repository of Describe source files you can use for reference
My rewrite of the Gold Parser Engine (I am yet to add documentation)

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