Data Compression when Uploading data to ASP.NET 2.0 Web Services



Is it possible to decompress data uploaded to a web service using GZip
compression? I've found a lot of articles about data compression when
downloading data but nothing about compression when uploading.

Data will be uploaded to the web service from handheld devices using GZip
compression. The handheld developers already have a library that can do
this. I just need to figure out how to decompress the data in the web
service on the server side.

I'm hoping there is some easy way I could do something like subclass
System.Web.Services.WebService to enable GZip decompression. That way I
could update the existing web service classes to derivce from the new class
instead of WebService, rather than rewrite the web services completely. Is
this possible?

We are using HTTP POST not SOAP to transmit the data as each message is
fairly short and using SOAP increases the message length markedly. Therefore
I cannot use any solution that involves SOAP extensions. (while each message
is fairly short about 500,000 messages are sent each day so it all adds up).



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