Dealing with pywin32 on Linux


Benedict Verheyen


I'm moving my development environment (python, Django, virtualenv) from Windows
to Linux (Debian more specific). However, on one app (uses Django), i have a log on
module that uses AD to authenticate users.
It's based on the active_directory wrapper of Tim Golden.
That needs the win32 module but installation of pywin32 fails on importing:

import _winreg
ImportError: No module named _winreg

Kind of logical in hindsight :)

However, this makes programming and testing under Linux a bit of a pain if you're
dealing with Windows specific stuff.
What is the correct way to proceed (i want to keep my development environment in Linux)?

I could adjust my software modules to use the Linux counterparts of the AD functions
that i have to authenticate.
Or is there another way to deal with this?

Thanks for any insight,



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