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I mostly write Perl script for my own use, but sometimes write them for others. To date, all these others have been IT, and it's not too hard to have them install Perl (on Windows mostly ActiveState but sometimes Strawberry),copy the source to their machine, invoke the command interpreter, and run the script. Some younger IT folks don't especially like the command line, but they understand how it's done.

Now, I've been tasked with delivering scripts to non IT folks, and my one experience to date has been failure. If I were writing in C, I'd deliver an ececutable, with Java I'd deliver compiled byte code, with one of the .NET languages I'd simply use the VS distributable.

How to I do the same with a Perl script?

That is, I want to avoid having users (1) install Perl, (2) update their path if necessary, (3) invoke the command prompt, (4) navigate to the appropriate directory in DOS, and (5) run the script from the command line. I'd like to send them a file, tell them to install it, and then click on the icon..

I have a feeling that this isn't a problem that Perl was designed to solve,and that perhaps I'll have to write these apps in another language.

Thanks, CC.

Aleksandar Ivanisevic

ccc31807 said:
How to I do the same with a Perl script?

You may want to try PerlApp or perl2exe. Haven't tried them, I just
know they exist.

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