Deselect any selected items in a select form field with multiple attribute?

Discussion in 'Javascript' started by Keiron Waites, Oct 21, 2003.

  1. Hi,

    I have two select fields with the multiple attribute so you can see all
    options. When a user clicks on one form, I would like to deselect anything
    from the other form. Is there a way to do this? eg
    document.forms.form.list1.selectedIndex='NULL'; ?

    Where can I find out about all options with regards to the DOM?


    Keiron Waites, Oct 21, 2003
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  2. Ok I've answered my own question:


    -1 means that nothing is selected in the select field. I hope this helps
    Keiron Waites, Oct 21, 2003
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