dllhost flake here and there to 100% CPU utilization.




I having a bit of a problem on our Web server, we are facing this issue for
almost more then 5 years now, we have done lot of research on this many
google query and reples most of them refer to infinite look, open loop etc
etc in programming we have check everything no programming issue at all all
pages worksgreat... some time in months some time in week some time more
then 2-4 time in week DLLHOST flakes out and utilize 100% CPU which causes
all sites to stop working even we can not get in to server through vpn to
kill the process some time we manage in early stage where its start doing
this and kill from task manager and all back to normal, some time need hard
reboot.. so ideally we are loosing business. as per our programmer he had
tried moving the site to diff server also but same issue there so here is
dome word from programmer,

A classic asp page is written on Jscript, uses ADODB.command. First time
deployed in 2003 and works usually fine. Occasionally this page is causing
dllhost.exe to run at 100% cpu.

All internal attempts to replicate the problem during tests failed. Last 5
years of monitoring show that the page actually finishes working and returns
all the output but doesn't close the http connection and keeps the
dllhost.exe running on 100% cpu.

Your help to resolve this issue will be highly appriciated.

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