Downloading files from ASP Page


JP SIngh

Can someone please help me with a file download query. I have the following
code which works fine.

The only change I want to make is in the line objStream.loadfromfile

It is using a folder on the IIS Server to store the files.

Does anyone know how I can change the path speficied in the LoadFromFile to
a UNC path name i.e. \\myserver\images

This is an internal application and the server hosting the application is
too small to hold the amount of data hence a new server has been setup to
store files but I am unable to download it from the server.

Here is the code:
<p>Make your links like this
<a href="download.asp?doc=document1.doc"> Word Document</p>

Code for download.asp

const adTypeBinary = 1
response.addheader "content-disposition","attachment; filename=" &strFile
set objStream = server.createObject("")
objStream.type = adTypeBinary
'This is signifying that the doc are in a folder called WordDocs
objStream.loadfromfile server.mappath("/images/"&strFile)
response.binarywrite objStream.Read
objStream.close: set objStream = nothing




If the files will always be located on the UNC share \\myserver\images,
you can simply hardcode the path in the loadfromfile call.

For example:
objStream.loadfromfile "\\myserver\images\" & strFile

If you know the full path to the file, there is no need for the
Server.MapPath call.

Mike Biang
Cramer Development
(e-mail address removed)

Jason Simmons

if all this is is a link to download a file, why are you doing all the
unnecessray scripting?
a simple HTML HREF tag would work fine




Probably because he wants the Open|Save dialog box to pop-up rather than allowing the browser to automatically open the file... I am trying to do the same thing...

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