Dumber Problem (Question) - Resize the area for a textbox, label... etc. Need Help ASAP!!.


John Coffey

I think it's a Stupid Question, But I can't find right responses ...

I create a simple mobilewebform

And I put on it some mobile controls, as is:

<body Xmlns:mobile="http://schemas.microsoft.com/Mobile/WebForm">
<mobile:Form id="Form1" runat="server">
<mobile:TextBox id="TextBox1" Size="4"
<mobile:TextView id="TextView1" runat="server">TextView</mobile:TextView>

My problem is that those controls fills the HOLE anchor of the MobilePage.
From Left to Right

I want to put two textbox controls on the same line, and it seems to be the
AREA of each control that can not be resize and always fill the anchor of
the web mobile page.

I'm using VS2003.

It's Silly, I know, but I need Help ASAP.

Thanks very Much.


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