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Discussion in 'ASP .Net' started by Mark Rae, Nov 1, 2004.

  1. Mark Rae

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    I've been asked to do some analysis on a workflow system, specifically with
    electronic authorisation / signature.

    E.g. User A logs in and initiates a timesheet, fills it in and "submits" it.

    The system already knows that User B is User A's supervisor, so it sends
    User B an email to say that he has a new timesheet to authorise.

    User B logs in, opens User A's timesheet, and "approves" it.

    User A receives an email telling him that User B has approved his timesheet.

    User A logs in, opens his approved timesheet, and "submits" it to User C in

    User C in accounts receives an email telling him that a newly approved
    timesheet is waiting for him.

    User C in accounts logs in, opens the timesheet and "submits" it to his
    accounting software which imports it so that User A gets paid.

    Because money is involved, do you think that the mere fact that each of the
    three users in the above workflow has had to log onto the system is
    sufficient, or does each of the stages in the workflow need additional
    authorisation? Something like an electronic signature, maybe...? Does anyone
    have any experience of this type of workflow app they'd be willing to share?

    Obviously, you can assume SSL, password encryption etc...

    Any assistance or advice gratefully received.

    Mark Rae
    Mark Rae, Nov 1, 2004
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