Everything you need can be found in this site



Our company http://www.softnmation.com/ offers its customers a great
variety of products. Everything you need can be found in this site.

Web Template, CSS Template, Logo Template, Corporate Identity Package,
Logo Set,Icon Set, Flash Animated Template, Flash Intro Header, Flash
Site, PHP-Nuke Theme, Full Site, Stretched Web Templates and Stretched
Flash Templates, ZenCart Templates ,osCommerce Templates and many more

our site http://www.softnmation.com/html1/ has latest Web Template in a
ready-made website design created to use it as a basis for fast and
high-quality website development. Just add your text and pictures to
our template, and you get a functional and individual site ready for

A website template can be used to build your personal webpage or huge
corporate site, online shop or offline presentation or even as a design
for the software you develop! And everything you create is going to be
easy, fast and professional!

Our templates can suit the needs of the beginners without making them
spend months and months studying HTML and design software. They are
also perfect for web designers looking for new ideas and constrained by
tight schedules. These products will suit the needs of active
businessmen who want to develop a web project with minimal cost and
time investments or for a hosting company offering customers
supplementary web design services

Faster! Using a web template increases the speed of the website
creation process by 5-10 times. While it may take a week for a
professional web designer to create a website for you, our excellent
products, detailed tutorials and superb 24/7 support permit you to
perform that work in 1-2 days! Don't waste time looking for original
concepts, matching appropriate color schemes, choosing optimal layout
- our templates have all those ingredients. The Net's largest template
collection will respond to any demand.

Higher quality! While saving precious hours, you don't have to
sacrifice quality - our designers approach the process keeping in mind
both esthetic and professional points of view - they're functional to
the maximum, easy-to-edit and at the same time really original and can
be regarded as true art with characteristics inhering to the designer's

Such templates are of great value for you if you're a newbie in HTML
and web design because you can get on-the-fly support for any question
and avoid a bunch of beginner's problems. Even if you're an experienced
web designer you'll find it easier to handle successive templates due
to standardization and commonality of the principles used to design

Cheaper! Who said that a professional website should cost $3000-5000?

$30 - and you get a qualitative design as an excellent basis for your

$70 - and you receive a full-site with required quantity of subpages
and fetching flash insets.

$200 - and professional tuners will adapt the template to fit your
personal needs.

Finally, by paying $300-600 you have the opportunity to buy the
template at the exclusive price and guarantee the uniqueness of your

Easier! Our company http://www.softnmation.com/html1/ pays special
attention to creating easy-to-use products. Each template is
automatically and manually checked before coming onto the market to
guarantee its handleability. Round-the-clock support and extensive
educational material makes it extremely easy to edit your template. Do
you have any question that wasn't answered in this section? Support
chat, support phone lines, e-mail and dedicated ticket system are at
your service - you can get it resolved A.S.A.P.

Rarer! The initial positioning of our company
http://www.softnmation.com/html1/ was defined as 'Providing
customers with rare and qualitative website templates'. The great
success achieved by our company, including the sizeable market share
gained inclusive of web design in its various categories did not change
that. However - we still follow that credo. Our company really delivers
the rarest and the most original designs in the mass web design domain.
This is provided by pay-per-click system, the site is based on, the
possibility to purchase products exclusively, informing customer about
the number of downloads (purchases) of specific product, tracing and
severe suppression of any illegal reselling and distribution of the
templates. Thus creating your site with a help of our template you can
no fear that the other day you'll find dozens of clone-sites to a
hair's breadth similar with yours!

Our company http://www.softnmation.com/html1/ by right occupies the
leading position in the website templates market. We are really the
first! And it's not merely about the sales volume! Choosing our company
you doesn't just get a web design - our professional team is at your
disposal and we are always ready to help you. We CAN do that, we LOVE
that; we really appreciate the notion of 'satisfied customer'!

It's intended to help you when you are seeking guidance in the
important decisions regarding the design or development of your
website. It includes answers to simple but important questions like
"How to Select a Template Design" as well as some very technical
material.For instance, we have tutorials on a number of subjects
connected with website design and development.

We hope it serves you well. It is a project that is growing every day,
to serve you even better. If you have suggestions regarding other
topics that would be of interest or utility to you, please lets know

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ajay kokate

Martin Jay

In message said:
Our company http://www.softnmation.com/ offers its customers a great
variety of products. Everything you need can be found in this site.

No coffee, no cola, no crisps (potato chips)... Which definition of
"everything" are you using?

Oh, and what is the point of that half MByte image on the page? If you
want a 320px x 200px image use one, not the one that's 1351px x 1248px.

And your website is painfully slow. Perhaps that's something to do with
sending all those unnecessary bytes.

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